Happy Anniversary My Little Pony

MLP Sea Pony yello80sMy Little Pony, the real first generation deal and not all this magic-friendship-brony nonsense, hit toy shelves in 1984 as an “ornamental design for a toy animal” by Bonnie Zacherie, Charles Muenchinger and Steve D’Aguanno for Hasbro. The original ponies were larger than what are considered the standard ‘G1’ issues, being around 10″ tall and first named My Pretty Pony in 1983 before being redesigned as My Little Pony in 1984.  There are extensive Yello80s pages on the wonderful zoo that is My Little Pony in the US and Abroad- make sure to check them out!

My Little Pony

My Little Pony G1-years 1-4 (USA)

My Little Pony G1 years 5-10 (USA)

My Little Pony G1 special issues (USA)

My Little Pony G1 (Europe and Asia)

My Little Pony G1 (South America and Africa)

My Little Pony TV and Movies


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