Giving Thanks in 2017 Yello80s-style

This has been an amazing year at Yello80s and there’s so much to be thankful for! 

This year I continued on with my company after being displaced at the end of last year and even advanced. I am so thankful for overtime and some pretty cool co-workers to get through corporate drudgery.

There have been some changes on Yello80s that are due to my new work schedule and the completion in May of my book, Look Left, Walk Green, which is available on Amazon. It was a real push to get it out and I’ve been busy trying different marketing ideas on it for the remainder of the summer and fall. I’ve had some enlightening conversations with readers since it hit the net and I’m really thankful for those.

I had some health problems this year that seemed to drag on forever but I made it through many tests with the support of my husband and do not have MS or a brain tumour so HURRAY, G-D IS MERCIFUL! We were also able to pinpoint some cognitive problems to long term use of a particular medication that has since been stopped so that was an easy fix after all. 

And lastly I’m so glad for all my Instagram friends, fellow Facebook Cabbie friends, My Little Pony sisters and brothers and fellow Stranger Things fans! It’s great to have been a kid in the 80s and now an adult in the midst of all this nostaglia! My toy collections have grown immensely this last year with new ponies, Cabbage Patc Kids and Koosas, Care Bears and Fisher Price Little People. Viva 2017! 

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