My Little Pony Year 7 Mail Order / Special Issues

Year 7 brought the biggest collection of mail order and special issues to date for g1!  All year 7 specials are considered hard to find. Some ponies were available through the “My Little Pony Adventure Cruise” offer and came with 2 friendship bracelets with a $25 purchase. 

Li’l Tot  Sold to raise funds for children’s charity; for every pony purchased another was given to a child in hospital.

Clipper  Baby boy pony in the Lucky stallion pose.

Baby Pealised Ponies  This set of baby ponies is a re-issue of the very first set of baby ponies but with a pearlised coat of paint. The eyes of this set are glazed over unlike the pearlised Baby Sea Ponies whose eyes could be clearly seen through the overcoating.

Baby Glory

Baby Blossom

Baby Cotton Candy

Baby Firefly

Baby Surprise

Baby Moondreamer 

Pretty Mane Ponies  Very hard to find, both ladies in this set are in the pose and shape of Flutter ponies but without the wings. They have bright 2-colour long manes and came with a brush and ribbon.



Baby Sister Ponies This adorable set of 2 unicorn newborns in opposite colours had cake-themed cutie marks and came with 1 brush and 2 ribbons.

Li’l Cupcake

Li’l Sweetcake

My Little Pony Fashion Tote  A pink shoulder tote with the MLP logo and “Always in Fashion” printed on one side. Came with play cosmetics.

Summer Sky , Bubble Gum Pink and Deep Sea Green eye shadow

Petal Pink, Seashore Coral and Sunkissed Bronze lipstick

Tickled Pink and Coral nail polish

Talcum powder tin