My Little Pony Year 2 Mail Order and Playsets

Waterfall Playset

The first playsets, and arguably the best of G1, came out in year 2 and were crowned by the magestic Dream Castle which introduced Spike the Dragon as a companion to the unicorn Majesty. Year 2 is also where we see the very first baby pony, Ember, who was available as a Horseshoe Points mail order offering only (Horseshoe Points came on the backs of pony boxes). This first Ember was the pink version.


Pretty Parlour w/ Peachy pony and Twinkles the cat companion

Show Stable with Lemon Drop pony and Brandy the dog companion

Waterfall playset with Sprinkles pony and Duck Soup the duck companion

Dream Castle with Majesty pony and Spike the dragon companion


Mail Order

Beautiful Baby Pony Ember (pink)