My Little Pony Year 8 Baby Sparkle Ponies

Baby Sparkle Ponies are an anomaly. Their poses and names are that of the year 3 Play and Care set Baby Ponies (with the exception of Baby Starflower) but their cutie marks and translucent, glittery bodies are like those of the adult Sparkle Ponies. In Europe an alernate set for the UK, Germany and Italy was produced called the Starlight Baby ponies who had the same poses  and cutie marks but different names, colours and a pearlised finish rather than the glittery bodies. Baby Sparkle ponies came with a comb.

Baby North Star  (Euro: Baby Nightsong)

Baby Firefly (Euro: Baby Mischief)

Baby Gusty  (Euro: Baby Explorer)

Baby Starflower   (Euro: Baby Stella)