My Little Pony Year 5 Mail Order, Playsets and Special Issues

Pillow Talk property whitneymlp

Reprising Year 4’s party pack, Year 5 MLP brought us the Slumber Party Gift pack which again brought special representative ponies of many of the new lines for year 5. In this adorable pack the ponies had everything they needed from games to popcorn to make it a night they would always remember. The second Pony Purse with included baby pony also debuted and the first pony boardgame, Adventures in Ponyland, became available through mail order.

Slumber Party Gift Pack

Included nightcaps for each pony, rainbow hop game, sleeping bag, pony magazines, tv, phone, record player and record, cookies and milk, ribbons and combes and party panties and box for newborns as well as the following ponies:

Pillow Talk (Twice as Fancy)

Pink Dreams (Flutter pony)

Nightcap (First Tooth baby)

Sleep Tight (Newborn baby)

Sleepy Head (Newborn baby)



Perm Shoppe with Fifi (Twice as Fancy)

Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe with Scoops (Twice as Fancy)

Pony Purse (purple) w/ Baby Crumpet (First Tooth baby)


Mail Order

Adventures in Ponyland Game with Baby Blue Ribbon (came with her own blue show ribbon). In specially marked ponies from year 5 were one of 42 Adventure playing cards that could be used with the game.