80s Food Week: TMNT pies and such

The TMNT logo of the 1987 animated series.
The TMNT logo of the 1987 animated series. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I was thinking the other day that ridiculous as TMNT was back in the day, it was still far superior to any and all recent remakes. Does this just mean I’m getting older? Probably. Somehow I can see a glimmer of understanding when my dad used to tell me things like TMNT didn’t hold a candy to some stupid show like Pixie and Dixie. I mean, seriously. We’re talking ninja turtles who eat PIZZA. I digress. But really- I was on a pudding kick this week and hopping from Pudding Roll-Ups to Ninja Turtle Pudding Pies which were a bit less like roll-ups and a bit more like hand grenades, when I hopped off track for just a sec to explore more TMNT foods of which I recall most but never put together the magnitude of one show spawning so much junk-y 80s goodness. In addition to the green-crusted vanilla-pudding filled handpies by Hostess (which were technically put out in 1990 but who’s counting), the Turtles were also featured in: Ninja Turtles Cereal- sort like Chex w/ marshmallows (some boxes had a cool little green turtle cereal bowl; others came with a little packets of green ‘ooze’ to squeeze over the cereal) TMNT Pasta – basically the same as every other Chef Boyardee cartoon-themed pasta at the time TMNT Cracks – hold on, I’d definitely remember if my mother actually allowed me to eat anything with ‘crack’ in the name- alas were only pizza or cheese shaped crackers something like Goldfish crackers Farley’s TMNT Fruit Snacks Pizza Crunchabungas – corn snacks shaped like pizzas that tasted like– uh huh. TMNT Frozen Pizza and Pizza Mini Slices by McCain Ninja Turtle Cookies by Delicious. They also put out a rad cookie jar that could also be used as a coin bank. The cookies came in Natural Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter Graham, Apple Cinnamon Graham and vanilla and chocolate Sandwich Cremes. Ninja Turtle Juice – Leonardo’s Citrus Cooler, Donatello’s Rad Grape, Michelangelo’s Outrageous Grape, and Raphael’s Primo Punch. Royal Gelatin OOZE Desserts- ┬áin strawberry, orange and lime Ninja Turtle Ice Bars – shaped like the character’s heads with headband colours for each of their respective characters.   For a very entertaining look at how to make your own Turtle Pies, head over to the Surfing Pizza who has done all the dirty work for you in all its glorious greenness   TMNT Pudding Pies courtesy SkeeBazSkeeBeezSkee
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