80s Food Week: Giggles Cookies

Giggles cookies by Nabisco- X-entertainment.com
Giggles cookies by Nabisco– X-entertainment.com
For the longest time my tongue had a memory of these little kid-style Oreos and then I remembered one day- they were called Giggles. I in particular liked to pull one apart and eat the halves, then eat the next one whole and then pull apart, etc to make sure I got every possible taste experience. You could say I really liked those cookies. Apparently kids around the world did, as they were also made in Britain by Jacob’s Bakery Ltd. (think Jacob’s Cream Crackers) under the name Happy Faces.
Happy Faces biscuit by Jacob's- wikipedia.org
Happy Faces biscuit by Jacob’s- wikipedia.org
And I don’t know about you, but I never found those to be happy looking. In fact I must have been a hungry kid because frankly at my age now I’m not into eating things that are leering at me planning to destroy me from the inside out a’la Alien. Giggles came from Nabisco and featured 2-tone cream on the inside with those serial-murder smiles etched into their cookie bits. “Two kinds of creme in each funny face”   that will crawl back up out of your belly in the night and kill your whole family. Let’s see if you ever sneak from the cookie jar AGAIN. Giggles 1987 advert courtesy WishItWas1984 Sources: Wikipedia X-Entertainment
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