The New 80s: Cabbage Patch Kids

There are few toys so essentially 80s as the Cabbage Patch Kids and in fact I might argue they’re the most influential solely on the basis of the ridiculous lines and shortages of the toys that led to the 90s Tickle Me Elmo behaviour across the country and now what seems like old hat to camp out at Christmas and beat up the lady next to you in line to get that coveted toy for your kid. Yep, that all started with the lowly Cabbage Patch Kids. For a comprehensive history visit our Cabbage Patch Kid pages here.

But even the ‘Kids went out of style for a while, dallying in the 90s after their manufacturer, Coleco, went bust and then coming back from under successor Hasbro, then Mattel, Toys ‘R Us, Play Along, Jakks Pacific and presently Wicked Cool Toys who puts out Target and Toys ‘R Us exclusives.

So while you may not have heard about the ‘Kids in a while and they may have left behind friends like the Koosas, Bunny Bees and Show Ponies, trust and believe there are enough ‘Kids for everybody to adopt one just like them.

Hasbro ‘Kids 1994-1988

Mattel ‘Kids 1994-2003

Toys ‘R Us ‘Kids 2003

Play Along ‘Kids 2004-2011

Jakks Pacific ‘Kids 2011-2014

Wicked Cool Toys 2015–