G1 My Little Pony Merchandise

As time goes on, more and more and more adorable and creative merchandise is found from the G1 line of My Little Pony maufactured by Hasbro and its partners all over the world. This page is organized by merchandise type rather than country and is by no means exhaustive!   ** No ponies or merchandise pictured on this page are for sale. Many thanks to @whitneyMLP for sharing her extensive collection for educational/entertainment purposes!

If you have additional items to contribute to the list or corrections to make please email at admin@yello80s.com


Hair Care and Accessories

Twilight Hairwear set – Incl. pink headband, 2 pink bar barrettes, 2 pink snap clips

Twilight Ponytail Holders -set of 2 pink clips

Set of 2 bar barettes: pink/ Twilight, yellow/ Bubbles, green/  Medley, white/ Medley

Mio MIni Pony Pony Look heart-shaped comb and 3d molded pony barette with long “tail” to accessorize child’s pony tail. Yellow comb/ Truly, Orange comb/ Applejack, Purple comb / Lickety Split  (Italy)

Carded Princess Sparkle Lace barrette w/ molded pony charm. 1 version has a single barrette clip, the other has a satin pink bow backing. (UK)

Cotton Candy enamel charm bobby pins

Jewelry Items

Firefly enamel ring and flat enamel pendant

Flat enamel tieback pins:  Bubbles, Bowtie

Medley 3D mold pin

Medley 3D mold “Jewelry” pin in white package

Medley 3D mold charm bracelet with pink comb charm

Medley 3D mold pendant with pink comb charm

Glory 3D plastic charm

Twilight 3D plastic charm

Wrist stable pendant w/ pin and bracelet: Medley version, Blossom version, Twilight version

The Big Badge hand painted large Bowtie pin by Bluebird (UK)

MLP White “Caboodles”-style jewelry/makeup case/lunchbox with heart snaps, Flutter Ponies Wingsong and Forget-Me-Not.  Came with small pink snack case (Quackers and Forget -Me-Not), small white thermos with pink cup (Salty?), white fork and knife, washcloth, pink toothbrush, round pink mirror, round pink comb (Whizzer and Sundance?)  1986 (Argentina)

My Pony Pixie Charmkins pendant charm by Hasbro (this was part of the Charmkins line of toys. Mommy Charms in the MLP line were made from the same mold at Hasbro)

MLP Jewelry box for girls. Pink heart shaped-box w/ Peachy and butterfly in hair and rainbow handle. Incl 6 bar barrettes: Purple/blue pony w/star mark, yellow daisy, yellow butterfly, yellow shooting star, green/white pony head on blue heart, blue/white striped bow. 

MLP Jewelry box for girls. Blue heart shaped-box w/ Peachy and butterfly in hair and rainbow handle. Incl 6 bar barrettes: Yellow/orange pony w/star mark, pink daisy, blue butterfly, blue shooting star, yellow/white pony head on pink heart, pink/white striped bow. 

MLP Jewelry box for girls. Light pink heart shaped-box w/ Posey and Baby Blossom (?) and rainbow handle. Incl 5 bar barrettes: Yellow/orange pony w/star mark, pink daisy, blue/yellow pony w/star mark, green/white pony head on blue heart, blue/white striped bow.  (UK)

MLP Jewelry box for girls. Blue heart shaped-box w/ Peachy and butterfly in hair and rainbow handle. Incl 5 bar barrettes: Yellow/orange pony w/star mark, yellow daisy, yellow shooting star, green/white pony head on blue heart, blue/white striped bow. (UK)

MLP Jewelry box for girls. Blue heart shaped-box w/ Posey and Baby Blossom (?) and rainbow handle. Incl 5 bar barrettes: Yellow/orange pony w/star mark, pink daisy,  yellow/white pony head on pink heart, pink/white striped bow, blue bow, blue shooting star.  (UK)

Child’s heart-shaped sunglasses w/ molded pony charm over nose: 

Silver flat die-cut pegasus pony necklace and chain, Hasbro (Sweden)

Blue velcro wristbands w/ molded pony charm: Dancing Butterflies, Bouncy, Milky Way


Beauty, Toiletries and Makeup

Merriweather 3D molded bubble bath bottle, 1987 (head twists off)

Mini soaps- pony design imprinted on small square soap in a cardboard box. Sea Mist, Applejack, Skydancer, Windy, 

5-piece boxed Dresser set w/ yellow MLP hairbrush, 2 purple pony tail holder bows, white tooth comb, white heart-shaped Bowtie accessory. Box art incl. Cotton Candy, Peaches, Firefly

Unmarked 3D molded liquid soap bottle (head twists off): pale pink earth pony, blue pony. Pink pony soap was strawberry-scent. By Jill Produkter AB (Sweden)

Bags and Purses

UK pink bookbag with blue straps: Bon-Bon, Patch, Starlight on picnic blanket, no outer pocket

Orange bookbag with orange straps: Medley and rainbow on outer pocket

Pink bookbag with pink straps: White pony (?) and Bubbles, Bowtie on outer pocket

Pink “snack pack” with blue straps: White castle, Princess Royal Purple and Princess Royal Pink on pocket

Blue duffle bag with pink straps and lining: Gazebo and Diamond Dreams and Brilliant Blossoms on side, Yum Yum on end

Blue duffle bag with pink straps and lining: Bowtie on side

Telitoy pink pvc wallet/coin purse with Bowtie and pink compact mirror with Bubbles (UK)

Telitoy purple pvc wallet/coin purse and purple compact mirror with Cotton Candy 

Round purple handbag w/pink trim and wrist strap. Has molded Cotton Candy attached w/combable hair. By Frankel & Roth (UK?)

Pink messenger bag w.purple handle, trim and shoulder strap: Show Stable, Sugar Berry (Strawberry Fair) and Slugger. 

Aqua backpack w/ pink bottom, lavender side pockets and straps: Carousel top and Merry-Go-Round ponies Flower Bouquet, Brilliant Blossoms, Sunny Bunch, Tassels.

Green/ Pink bookbag (?) w/ Quarterback on pocket (alternate coloured bag from UK)

Blue foldover purse w/ blue cloud print, white clasp and white (?) strap. Moondancer, Blossom, Firefly, yellow castle.


Watches and Clocks

Moondancer large molded clock with glow in the dark dial 

Watch charm bracelet- pink heart shaped digital watch charm and alternating Firefly /Bowtie? flat charms with “pearl” chain.

Pink Twin Bell metal alarm clock with Lickety Split and Apple Jack (W. Germany)

Yellow Twin Bell alarm clock w/ Cupcake by Zeon

Pink Twin Bell alarm clock w/ Cupcake by Zeon

Yellow Twin Bell alarm clock w/Bubbles

Flat-backed plastic molded Sugar Sweet against yellow fence digital clock (tail is yellow and white striped)

Lickety Split stick-on Quartz Digital clock by Nelsonic

Peachy round wall clock with peach-coloured frame

Blossom and Baby Blossom round wall clock with pink-coloured frame

Mi Pequeno Pony Blossom flip face digital quartz watch with purple strap (Argentina)

Blossom flip face digital quartz watch with purple strap  

Glory round flip face digital quartz watch w/purple strap

Sundazzle under beach umbrella round alarm clock with bright pink and blue casing

Pinwheel round clock w/no frame, 1990

Pink round-face digital watch w/ Flutter Pony face and print-strap

Gold-tone round quartz watch face w/ pink leather strap. Face incl. My Little Pony in pink type and Cotton Candy

Yellow round quartz watch face w/yellow leather strap. Face incl MLP rainbow and unmarked pony (Bowtie)


Clothing  and Accessories

Purple fuzzy Lickety Split? Blossom? earmuffs

Pink fuzzy Lickety Split? Blossom? earmuffs

Children’s Fashion tights for toddlers- white w/ Baby Cuddles (?) print

Pink ribbon belt w/ Bowtie molded buckle 

MLP Fabric rosettes: Purple “Winner” / Bubbles, Yellow “Best in Show”/ Peachy (?), Blue “Champion”/ unk earth pony

Skydancer roller skates w/molded head (skates slipped over shoes for children)

Pink leather Flower Bouquet roller skates w/velcro close, pink wheels and stop

Pink child’s wellies w/ Megan and Sundance

Pink velcro trainers w/Flutter Pony

Blue velcro trainers w/Medley. Shoes have horseshoe tread on bottom.

Plastic aprons w/white ties: aqua/ Cherry Berry, Choc Chip, Sorbet Surprise, blue/Peppermint Crunch, Butterscotch, Banana Surprise (?), pale pink / Posey, Mummy and Baby Bowtie (UK)

Playskool baby Sleep’n Play pink baby onepiece w/ Flutter ponies Rosedust and Forget-Me-Not

Jersey-knit aqua child’s skirt w/eyelet lace.



Sleepover, Blankets and Fitness Gear

Pink horseshoe-print sleeping bag with Rainbow ponies Ringlet, Raincurl, Stripes, Streaky and Rockin Beat ponies Half Note, Tuneful, Sweet Notes, Pretty Beat varient

Sleeping bag w/ Paradise Estate, Rosedust, Lily, Lofty (?), Mummy and Baby Lickety-Split, Molly and Baby Sundance -1986

Sheet and Curtain set w/ various baby ponies, Lullaby Nursery, Dream Castle

Sheet and Pillowcase set w/ Spike, Majesty, Firefly, Blossom and Skydancer

Sleeping bag w/ Sundae Best ponies and maypole- Crunch Berry, Coco Berry, Swirly Whirly, Serbet, Peppermint Crunch

Bedspread and Curtain set w/ Show Stable, Waterfall, Dream Castle, mothers and baby ponies

Pony-shaped plush pajama bags. Poseable w/ combable hair. Sleeping pose/ Cotton Candy, Sitting Pose/ Trickles, Bowtie By Telitoy (UK) 


Hamilton Mint Resin Magic and Friendship Collection figures (early 2000s)

Glory with bluebird

Firefly with butterfly


Outdoor Fun

Clear plastic MLP umbrella w/pink trim. Moondancer and Firefly on cloud.

Pink vinyl umbrella w/Bowtie


Party Decorations

Bowtie honeycomb table decoration

MLP/ Meine Kleines Pony/ Mon Petit Pony birthday pack of 3 honeycomb table decorations (Applejack, Bubbles, Firefly) (Europe)

Mi Pequeno Pony party favours- Pink pencils, Cotton Candy place cards. Cover art incl Cotton Candy and Glory (Argentina)

5 Shaped Party Candles shaped like Petite Ponies. By Unique Industries

1984 Glory paper tablecloth 54 x88″ and round party hats w/ Starshine / Sunbeam design and elastic bands, Glory 6.5″ paper napkins

Pack of 8 Party Invitations w/ Princess Royal Pink by Unique Industries

Dream Castle (white/pink) w/ Firefly, Majesty, Princess Ponies paper party napkins, 1985 17x17cm, 40 ct (Argentina)

Blue rimmed round party paper bowls w/ Bowtie and Applejack (UK?)

Party paper hats 6 ct w/ Bowtie and Applejack (UK?)

Firefly placeholders/candy favour containers

Yellow rimmed paper party plates w/ Coco Berry and carousel pole, ice cream cone print on rim 

18″ foil round birthday balloon w/ Princess Serena (Princess Aquamarine) and Prickles dragon (UK)


Music and Music Players

White cassette organizer with handle, Sprinkles, Baby Firefly and Duck Soup

Sunbeam blue FM portable radio with molded headphones 

Cotton Candy inside a picket fence mint-green cassette player/ radio 

Music/Motion red plastic lenticular radio w/ Bubbles, Seashell, Bowtie (UK)

My Little Pony the Movie soundtrack tape by KidStuff

Stationary, School and Office Supplies

Twilight Eraser 3D molded

Twilight Baby Pony Eraser 3D molded

Medley and Seashell cup pencil sharpeners, 2 varants

Deluxe 8 piece Desk Set – incl. Firefly address book, 2 pencils, rainbow eraser, 16×12″ desk blotter, pink memo notes, Firefly and Moondancer calendar, Firefly, Moondancer and Peachy pencil holder.

Medley 3d mold flat-backed magnets set of 2

Peach colour wrapping paper with Lofty, Heart Throb,  NorthStar and Cherries Jubilee

Vinyl zip pencil pouch with unmarked yellow pony (maybe Lemon Drop), Bridled pony (Possibly Sundance), 2 Twinkles cats and pink pony (possibly Peachy) (Greece)

Flutter Pony pencil top sharpeners with molded heart top: blue/ Honeysuckle, yellow/ Lily  (Italy)

3D rubber eraser pink earth pony with purple cutie mark heart on one side

3D unicorn erasers unmarked: purple, yellow, pink, pink/purple

Study Kit with die-cut Bowtie eraser, clear ruler w/magnifying glass inset, 2 pencils and Firefly notepad

Thick die-cut pony erasers w/unmarked ponies: blue/Cotton Candy (?), pink/ Bubbles (?), Medley,

Thick die-cut pony erasers: Cotton Candy, Blossom (Holland?)

Pretty Padlock Pencil Sharpener w/ key- pale pink/ Surprise, blue/Lemon Drop, pink/ Lemon Drop (UK?)

Die-cut Magnets set of 4: Sunbeam, Glory (?), Blossom, Firefly

Purple plastic ruler w/ Bubbles, Lemon Drop, Bowtie

Die-cut top plastic Paper Clips (resemble book biters): Applejack, Cotton Candy, Glory on purple cloud, Firefly on white cloud, 


Porcelain Collectible Figurines by Hasbro/Bradley Mint

“First Born” baby pony with rainbow mane and tail, 1984

Cotton Candy, 1985

Applejack laying on side (UK)

“Wedding Prance” Moondancer and Glory as Bride and Groom



Money Boxes

Large molded Bowtie coin bank 

Stickers and stampers

Mon Petit Pony puffy 2 sticker sheets w/ Glory, Lofty, Bubbles, Lemondrop, Wind Whistler, Peacy, Baby Glory (France)

Ink-in-stamper individual stampers Unicorn Ponies in white, pink, red, yellow

Mio Mini Pony Printy molded self-inking stampers in Sunbeam, Medley, Bowtie, Bubbles, Firefly, Moondancer, Applejack, Glory, Snuzzle, Twilight, BlueBelle, Skydancer (Italy)

My Little Pony Lazer Blazers 3D Holographic stickers w/ Moondancer, Medley, Cotton Candy, Snuzzle by Colorforms

3D molded plastic stamps w/ red round base: Moondancer, Bowtie, Firefly, Moonstone by International Games

Flat white strip stickers: Whizzer, Starflower, Molly and Baby Sundance, Truly, Lofty, Masquerade, Applejack

Cherry-scented Color-Me stickers w/ multicoloured pop pencil: Glory and Dream Castle, Majesty and Spike, Firefly, Megan, Medley, Wavedancer, Moonstone w/clouds, Sea Ponies, wishing well, rabbit, Sprinkles, Moonstone w/rainbow

Self-inking round white stampers by Stampos Hong Kong. Unmarked ponies: Lemon Drop (?), Lickety Split (?), Bowtie (?), Firefly (?), Sundance (?), Posey (?), unk pony

Puffy white-background die-cut Pony Wear stickers

Round hologram-finish stickers Bowtie

Puffy die-cut Heart Throb sticker



Pastilleja / Pastiller cardboard candy boxes : Galaxy, Sweet Stuff, Truly, (Sweden, Finland)


Lunch Boxes

Aladdin turquoise square plastic lunchbox with carousel top and Merry-Go-Round ponies: Flower Bouquet, Sunny Bunch, Brilliant Blossoms, Tassels, Diamond Dreams. Came with Merry go Round Ponies thermos with turqouise cup.

Aladdin pink square plastic lunchbox with ponies in clouds: Mother and Baby Surprise, Posey, Glory  1985.

Aladdin pale pink round cornered plastic lunchbox with Paradise Estate and Mother and Baby Gusty, Whizzer, Rosedust and Baby Beachcomber 1986.  Came with Megan and Sundance thermos with pale pink cup.

Aladdin dark purple round cornered plastic lunchbox with Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies: Baby Sweet Stuff, Baby Snippy, Baby Ribbs, Baby Whirly Twirl, Baby Noddins, Baby Graffiti

Aladdin lavender purple round cornered plastic lunchbox with pot of gold and Rainbow Curl Ponies: Raincurl, Stripes, Streaky, Ringlet. Came with Rainbow Curl Ponies thermos with lavender purple cup. 1990

Aladdin light pink round cornered plastic lunchbox with yellow castle and Firefly, Applejack and Moondancer 1983

Pink round cornered lunchbox with Buttons, Bubbles, Firefly, Lofty, Dream Castle. Aladdin ?

Aladdin thermos w/pink cup, Yum Yum print


Dishware and Kitchen Fun

Bowtie and Firefly coffee mug in box (UK)

Rectangular plastic placemats with Rainbow Ponies Skydancer, Moonstone and Windy and Dream Castle (UK)

White Cupcake mug w/mint green inside by Stengoods (Scandinavia)

Whizzer mug w/pink inside inside by Stengoods (Scandinavia)

Cherries Jubiliee mug w/pink inside by Stengoods (Scandinavia)

Fizzy mug w/ teal inside by Stengoods (Scandinavia)

Buttons mug w/green inside and Buttons white round bowl by Stengoods   (Scandinavia)

Pink Tea tin w/ Gusty and Heart Throb. (Sweden)

White plastic plate and cup set. Glory and Parasol

Plastic tea seat with Cotton Candy and Bowtie

MLP Biscuit Making and Decorating set incl. 3 cutters (Pink pegasus, blue unicorn, yellow earth pony), rolling pin, mixing spoon, measuring spoons, icing tube, 3 tips, (recipe book?). By Peter Pan Playthings (UK)

MLP Chocolate molds (Germany)

Mon Petit Pony Food Scale and Play foor set. Cover art incl. Megan and Sundance, Glory, Sprinkles, Posey, Moondancer, Sea Pony, Duck Soup. (France)

Clip n Sip Juicebox straw and 3D charm clip, Peachy. (Canada)

White Metal tray w/ Mummy and Baby Blossom

White coffee mug w/rainbow rim, Medley, Confetti (w/ pink body)

Holiday Merch

Advent Calendar w/pink border featuring Dream Castle, Heart Throb, Skyflier, Trickles, Flutterbye

Hallmark 2013 Cotton Candy 3D molded ornament

Hallmark 2017 Moondancer 3D molded ornament

Hallmark 2018 Firefly 3D molded ornament

Woolworth’s 20 Christmas Card set, 5 each of 4 designs. Cover art incl. Powder and Confetti. Possible cards in set: Merry Christmas/ Powder, Happy Christmas/ Powder and Confetti, Christmas Greetings/ Blossom, Peachy and Twinkles (UK)

PVC die-cut puffy (Christmas?) ornaments w/ red hanger strings: Trickle, Flutterby

Xmas wrapping paper “Happy Christmas” w/ Buttons, Gusty, Magic Star

Newborn Twins Dibbles and Nibbles Quality Gift Tags set of 6, ready strung

Paper gift tags w/ Skydancer, Applejack

Valentine card yellow background w/Baby Dots ‘n Hearts: “A message from Baby Dots and Hearts” premium w/ MLP Comic (Sweden?)

Halloween Costumes for children (mask and vinyl smock): Cotton Candy, Megan, Moonstone, Buttons, Skydancer, Bubbles (?), Moondancer.   by Ben Cooper

Miscellanous/ Other

Mummy and Baby Firefly on a cloud gumball machine

Child’s clothes hangers: mint green with Trickles, blue with Buttons, powder blue with Moonstone, powder blue with Firefly, pink with Cotton Candy, pink with Sprinkles (Canada/ Spain (?))

Baby Firefly Baby Pony Gumball Pocket Pack Lullaby Nursery -shaped dispenser with gumballs by Superior.

Mio Mini Pony Door Chime 3D molded pony head (Peachy?) with rainbow wreath by Kikka’s (Italy)

My Little Pony Door Chime 3D molded pony head (Peachy?) with rainbow wreath by Hasbro

Molded raised relief plastic unmarked pony (Peachy?) night light

Special Edition MLP Special Birthday Value Pack (10th anniversary) with molded pink pony flip -face digital watch with printed band (featuring combable mane), 3 bracelets, pick for pony hair, stick on earrings, heart shaped necklace, pair of pearlized earrings

Unknown Pink Pony w/ blue hair (3 yellow stars and a red star mark) ride-on outside of Casa Bonita Mexican Restaurant, Denver

Pink belt with molded square box candy dispenser – Lickety Split and Truly

Pinta-Tinta (Paint Your Own) plaster Meu Querido Ponei with paints: Snuzzle, Medley

My Little Pony 110 cartridge film camera and manual. Box art incl Lickety-Split, Cotton Candy, Applejack. By House Martin (UK)

Roseart MLP Clay Factory mold set. Cover art incl. Firefly, Blossom,  Moondancer 

Cherries Jubilee-shaped water bottle

Yellow w/ green trim Firefly laundry bag