Cabbage Patch Kids Merchandise

cpk box kids4Disclaimer: Yello80s cannot identify or price any Cabbage Patch Kid dolls or products. The information you find on the Cabbage Patch pages is as up to date as possible and for entertainment only. There are many good online guides to help you figure out what year your ‘Kid was made in and independent craftsmen/women who do beautiful jobs restoring, rerooting hair and customizing ‘Kids. The Cabbage Patch Kid Names lists are gathered from reader submissions of their dolls’ names or auctions for vintage dolls or their adoption paperwork as well as found through thrift store and yard sales. The list is compiled as an online source to satisfy curiosity, foster nostalgia and perhaps serve as a guide to rename your ‘Kid. Again, Yello80s cannot identify CPKs by names. Yello80s does not participate in selling CPPK through this site.

The Cabbage Patch Kids empire extended from kids’ bedtime dreams and daytime playdates to their libraries, schools, livingroom TVs and anywhere else one could think of. Not just satisfied with saturating every inch of a child’s life with his ugly dolls, Xavier Roberts went right for the throat of moms everywhere with Butterick doll clothing patterns. Putting 2 of the most mom-ish subjects ever together (crafting and dolls) was a killer combo that probably kept many a Pat Cattan’s from going bust in the 80s. Even the dolls had their own line of baby products almost to rival that of AmericanGirl.


Music from the 1980s :

Record of songs made by Parker Brothers

Television and video: Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas Special, Cabbage Patch Kids First Christmas

Books from the 1980s: Parker Brothers Cabbage Patch Kids series featuring characters  Xavier Robert, The BunnyBees, Colonel Casey, Otis Lee, Lavendar McDade, Cabbage Jack, Beau Weasel

Xavier’s Fantastic Discovery
The Just-Right Family
Making Friends
The Shyest ‘Kid in the Patch
The Great Rescue
The Big Bicycle Race
Cabbage Patch Kids: Xavier’s Birthday Surprise (Little Golden Books)
Cabbage Patch Kids Adventure / Photo Storybook
Otis Lee
Cabbage Patch Kids Scrapbook
Cabbage Patch Kids Sticker Baby Book
Cabbage Patch Kids My Photo Album
Cabbage Patch Kids My Own Book
Cabbage Patch Kids Address Book
Cabbage Patch Kids 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989 Calendar
Legend of the Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids Autograph Book
Cabbage Patch Kids Popup
Sybil Sadie
My Cabbage Patch Kid and Me: A Record of Everything that Happens to Us
Koosas for the ‘Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids Babysitter’s helper: Notes, Names and Numbers
My Cabbage Patch Kids yearbook and Planner 1986
Cabbage Patch Dreams – Tom Chapin, et all


Clothing Patterns and Books from the 1980s

Author unknown

Cabbage Patch Kids Designer Clothes- Xavier Roberts – Plaid #7686
Pony & Western Wear, 16″ Doll Clothes, 12 Outfits -Xavier Roberts – Plaid #7810
Cabbage Patch Kids Career Outfits (Girl Scout, Astronaut, Doctor, Dentist) – Butterick #3728
Cabbage Patch Kids Sleepwear (Sleeper, Nightgown, Pajamas)- Butterick #6507
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies Layette Clothing (Sleeper, Komono) -Butterick #3269
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies (Dress Coat, Top, Pants, Panties, Bonnet) – Butterick #4331
Cabbage Patch Kids Clothes -Butterick #B6511
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies – Butterick #6980
Cabbage Patch Kids Fitness Outfits (Aerobic Outfit, Running Suit, Jogging Outfit) – Butterick #3920
Cabbage Patch Kids Clothes (Shirt, Overalls, Jumper and Pants) – Butterick #6508
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie Designer Doll Clothes: Over 20 Outfits Sewing Patterns – Xavier Roberts – Plaid #7809
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Knitted Sweaters #7866
Cabbage Patch Kids Accessories (Bonnet, Shoes, Bib, Diaper, Bags) – Butterick #3388
Cabbage Patch Kids Carrier – Butterick #6662
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Designer Clothes -Camp Cabbage Patch for Kids!
Cabbage Patch Kids Costumes (Santa, Angel, Devil) – Buttericl #4077
Cabbage Patch Kids Preemies Layette (Romper, Hat, Pinafore) -Butterick #3921
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Preemie Designer Clothes – Make over 20 Outfits #7809
Cabbage Patch Kids Wedding Party (Bride, Groom, Bride’s Maid) -Butterick #3927
Xavier Roberts Presents Crochet Clothing for Cabbage Patch Kids
Cabbage Patch Kids (Dress and Pinafore) – Butterick #3151
Cabbage Patch Kids World Traveler (Scottish, Oriental, Dutch) -Butterick #3729
Cabbage Patch Kids Animal Costumes (Lion, Rabbit, Mouse) – Butterick #3565
Cabbage Patch Kids Clown Costumes – Butterick #4076
Cabbage Patch Kids Dress-up (Policeman, Fireman, Mailman) -Butterick #4333
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Crocheted Outfits
Cabbage Patch Kids (Dress and Pinafore) -Butterick #6934
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Crocheted Funwear
Xavier Roberts Presents Cross Stitch Designs for Cabbage Patch Kids #7677
Cabbage Patch Kids Cross Stitch a Nursery Craft Book
Doll World Holiday Wardrobe for Adopted Kids, Cabbage Patch Kids Sewing Patterns 16″ Doll Clothes – Doll World
Cabbage Patch Kids Costume (Halloween Costume for children) -Butterick #6919
Cabbage Patch Kids Sports Outfits (Football, Baseball, Cheerleader, Referee) – Butterick #6827
Giant Wardrobe for Adopted Kids- Cabbage Patch Kids Clothing Patterns by Doll World
Cabbage Patch Kids Hallowe’en Clown Costume – Butterick #999
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas No-Sew Crafts – Plaid #8052
Cabbage Patch Kids (clown, Witch, Princess, Balerina) – Butterick #6935
Cabbage Patch Kids Designer Clothes – Plaid #7686
Cabbage Patch Kids Stencils- Appalachian Artworks 1984
Cabbage Patch Kids Designer Clothes Stitching Craft Book
Cabbage Patch Kids No-Sew Quilting – Plaid #7886
Cabbage Patch Kids Knitted Sweaters – Xavier Roberts
Collectors Cabbage Patch Kids – Xavier Roberts 1984
Cabbage Patch Kids Children’s Pattern – Butterick #4053
Xavier Roberts Presents Cabbage Patch Kids Bassinets
Cabbage Patch Kids patterns Swim Suit, Beach Wear, Summer Wardrobe for Adopted ‘Kids  Butterick #3270
Cabbage Patch Kids Rain Wear -Butterick #3152
Xavier Roberts Presents Little People Pals and Cabbage Patch Kids Designer Clothes

CPK Items made for children:

CPK 5-piece ice cream set (cups and scoop)
10th, 15th and 20th CPK anniversary Coke bottles
CPK Tea Party Cupboard tea set
Wilton Cake pan – Preemie
Ralston Low-Sugar CPK cereal, Post Canadian P’tits Bouts deChoux cereal
CPK Candy-making kit
Lunch boxes- CPKs in the garden (came as metal and plastic versions), CPKs rock band in pink plastic version, CPK Schoolroom scene in yellow plastic version
Printed paper lunch sacks
CPK Jewellry- Cloisonne necklaces and pins, plastic necklaces, pins, rings, ponytail holders, barrettes, watches, earrings, Cabbage Head baby (cabbage buds) pins with moulded faces and fabric ‘leaves’ (some came with Collectors’ Club babies, purple and gold pin given at conventions)
CPK Beauty items- perfume, vanity sets, cosmetics, light up vanity
CPK Bath items- Tub sets, toothbrush holder sets, plasters
CPK purses- shoulder bags, purses, wallets
CPK Outdoor toys- Bubble Makers, Clean -up set (floor duster, feather duster, mop and dust pan), Poppin’ Train Ride-on, Picnic Train Ride-on,
CPK playsets for 5 1/2″ dolls- Musical Merry Go Round, Musical Buggy, Playhouse, Roller Coaster, Babyland General Hospital, Check-up center
CPK Activity Sets for kids- Colorforms Puzzleforms, Poster Pen Set, Paper Doll sets, Pretty Pictures Painting set, Sweet Memories Diary Kit, Crayon by Number, Watercolor-by-Number, Storybook Kit, Make Your Own Keepsakes Kit, Quick-Dry Paint-by-Number, CPK Shrinky Dinks, Suncatchers / Lite-Catchers, Go to School Teacher’s Kit, CPK Lite Brite picture refills, Sewing Cards, Sweet Sunshine Sewing Kit, Colorforms Needlepoint Kit, Stenciling sets, 3-D Plastic Puzzles, Magnetic Figure Puzzles, Woodboard Puzzles, Jigsaw Puzzles, Tray Puzzles, Paint-a-Figurine sets, CPK Character-shaped Crayons
CPK Friends to the Rescue Game
CPK stickers – Hologram Solar Glowers stickers, Puffy stickers, Roll stickers
CPK School items- Looseleaf binders, 3 ring notebooks, pencil toppers, Coarkboard, Chalkboard, Magic Slate board, pencils, school folders, stamp sets, pencil sharpener, Postalettes
CPK BubbleKids bubbles in ‘Kid shaped necklace
CPK Musical items- Round Hand-held radio with strap, walkman-styles radio w/ headphones, Musical Toy Cassette, Wind-up Radio, Cassette Player and recorder with carry handle, Record player and record tote, Kid Stuff CPK cassette case
CPK 110 mm camera
CPK OlympiKids pennants
CPK Holiday items- Printed Christmas stockings, Flocked Christmas stockings, Christmas wrapping paper and gift tags, Greeting cards, Porcelain Christmas ornaments, School Valentines (32 set), Valentines candy cards, Hallowe’en Costume (blonde girl with ponytails)
CPK Birthday items- Birthday cards, Birthday gift wrap, Number cake candles, Party hats, Table decorations (honeycomb style), Party balloons, Candy cups, 12’ Party Banner (pennant-style), Tablecover
CPK Moneybanks – Plastic kid-shaped banks (girl in variety of colours sitting with a piggy bank in her lap, sitting boy in variety of colours with a ball in lap, baby in blue or pink blanket, girl holding heart or girl in rain slicker holding duck), Furskins shaped banks
CPK Bedtime items- Cabbage leaf shaped pillows with printing of kid or baby, doll-shaped pillows (girl in garden or bedroom scene, boy with football and dog), Circus kids printed duvet, CPK stars and Bunnybees printed duvet, baby blanketm Porcelain cabbage head baby shaped nightlight, Plastic cabbage head baby shaped nightlight, Lullaby domed nightlight (projects coloured shapes onto the ceiling), Metal bell alarm clock, ‘Kid shaped lamp w/ printed shade
CPK Wallpaper
CPK Fabric/ Sewing items- Woven lace w/ dolls pattern
CPK Clothing items- 3D shirts (printed ‘Kid with 3D accessory such as hair or pacifier ring), shoes (sandalls, slippers w/plastic ‘Kid faces, trainers), Keep-Me-Clean- Play Apron, Elastic belt with plastic ‘Kid clasp
CPK Bags and purses- Cabbage Kid Head drawstring purse, winter scarf, Parents’ Association mail-order cap, Baby bibs, Shaped button-covers, CPK roller skate bag, Collector’s Club green duffel, Canvas tote featuring Norma Jean, Canvas tote bags with 3D ‘Kid face, Furskins shoulder bag, Furskin tote, Furskin Collapsible Travel Bag
CPK Furniture items- Desk and Chair, Metal Stand, Wheeled Toybox, Wooden Rocking Chair, Printed Metal Trash cans
CPK shaped telephone (blonde girl)
CPK OlympiKids handheld electronic game

Doll/ sleeper property

CPK Items made for Dolls:
Coleco CPK outfits – see a wonderfully curated list at Diana’s Patch
CPK Butterick Patterns for doll clothes
CPK Shoes
Animal sleepers with hoods and footy paws (lion, reindeer, bear, bunny, mouse, elephant, lamb)
Poseable Actionwear – wired poseable bodysuits
One-Piece rompers
Sporting collection outfits
Printed Doll t-shirts
Accessories- bottles, crayons, international t-shirts
Splash ‘n See Surprise outfits (came w/dissolvable packet that revealed an accessory when wet)
Official CPK Outfits (sized to fit all babies)
CPK Deluxe Fashions – boxed
CPK Boxed Diapers for babies and preemies
CPK Designer Diapers
CPK ‘Kid carrier- strap on
CPK ‘Kid soft bed-style carrier

property Yello80s

CPK Playmate outfits
CPK Rocker Carrier in 3 positions
CPK Cloth / Metal wheeled pushchair
CPk 3-in-1 Hooded Doll Pram
CPK Wheeled Doll Walker w/ 3 beads and tray
CPK Mesh Playpen
CPK Take-a-Long wheeled accessory trunk
CPk Fun Stoller pushcar
CPK Battery Potty Chair
CPK Doll Washing Machine
Wooden Rocking Horse chair rocker
Big- wheel styled plastic tricycle
Wooden cradle and high chair
Chair Storage Bench

Sources: see main Cabbage Patch Kids page