Cabbage Patch Kid Names 4


Baby Kid paper envelopes

Disclaimer: Yello80s cannot identify or price any Cabbage Patch Kid dolls or products. The information you find on the Cabbage Patch pages is as up to date as possible and for entertainment only. There are many good online guides to help you figure out what year your ‘Kid was made in and independent craftsmen/women who do beautiful jobs restoring, rerooting hair and customizing ‘Kids. The Cabbage Patch Kid Names lists are gathered from reader submissions of their dolls’ names or auctions for vintage dolls or their adoption paperwork as well as found through thrift store and yard sales. The list is compiled as an online source to satisfy curiosity, foster nostalgia and perhaps serve as a guide to rename your ‘Kid. Again, Yello80s cannot identify CPKs by names. Yello80s does not participate in selling CPK through this site.

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And the list goes on!! Freda Winnie Anastassia Evelyn Ricky Corette Maxie Dino Marcel Montgomery Nadia Mindy Jessica Louise Carin Audra Alfredo Ackerly Dean Hal Emmie Patrice

2 Little People softies, a Coleco ‘Kid, a Koosa and a Show Pony

Shawna Spring
Florrie Riva
Leslie Carey
Petra Karleen
Lili Damara
Auberta Greer
Joletta Hannah
Leeann Brenna
Fiona Katrine
Dulcie Gilda
Sara Fayette
Renita Jessie
Mala Trixy
Ara Dana
Pearl Laurie
Tisha Evey
Lola Charlene
Belvia Steffie
Dori Aldora
Norri Lizzie
Jill Simone
Cassie Shana
Maureen Keely
Kate Stella
Marilla Emmi
Alleen Glynis
Yettie Bonny
Kasey Kirstie
Shelly Cristine
Chuck Lindsey & Celine Heda
Ethelyn Rania
Portia Priscilla
Doris Jessie
Aisla Libby
Jackelyn Jobina
Willis Samuel
Alisha Christina
Angelina Cassandre
Pat Page
Floss Clementine
Agatha Carine
Yetti Jacalyn
Kari Delinda
Sylvia Winnie
Chandra Glenna
Terri Delta
Adelaide Elspeth

Sally Rebecca

Erika Lynn

Iris Mildred

Virginia Gracia

Donovan Tim

Cedric Ian

Catherine Arabella

Katinka Heady

Hezel Stacy

Jeffrey Daryl

Jill Suzanne

Becky Laurie

Hyacinth Ruby

Coleman Henry

Brooke Carina

Ronny Annabel

Alvina Sydney

Cleveland Niles

Portia Alexandria

Hilda Generva

Helen Myrna

Flora Della

Fitzgerald Cassidy

Cassius Jamey

Isabelle Raina

Lawrence Owen

Tad Victor

Wendy Iona

Eric Warren

Athena Genny

Morgana Addi

Celena Sandi

Beth Noreen Jobey Tanya Deana Adrianna Hattie Dory Ethelyn Libby