Playmobil Rarities, Special Editions and Retired List

Coffee time with piano music in the Playmobil ...

Coffee time with piano music in the Playmobil dollhouse (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are so many Playmobil sets out there I’m hopeless to list them all but hopefully I can give you an idea of the awesomeness of Playmobil through the years… an excellent, comprehensive, colour-photo filled site you definitely want to check out if you’re a Playmobil fanatic is Collectobil . Check out the fan-made Playmobil movies!


Special Edition Sets

FAO Schwarz 150th Anniversary Playmobil Victorian City Life Set- currently available


Rare Sets

Victorian Dollhouse 5300 -Retired

Victorian Dollhouse Little Boys’ Bedroom 5312 -Retired

Victorian Dollhouse Bathroom 5324 – Retired

Victorian Dollhouse Nursery, Baby and Nanny 5313 – Retired

Fairy w/ Unicorn 4692 – Retired

Train Station Platform 4382 -Retired

Girl w/ Wheelchair 4407 – Retired

City Life Grocery Store/Supermarket 3200– current



1-2-3 Train 6606

Motorized Construction Crane 3262

Advent Calendar 4155

Tree Decorations 3943

Christmas Nativity Set 5719

Alligators and Lake 3229

Knights Castle Assault 2123

Dragon’s Temple 3841

Pals Dragon Slayer 4633

Pirate Island Set 3799

Fire Truck Engine 3781

Skull Pirate Ship 5778

Hippopotamus mamma and baby w/ zookeeper 3639

Father and baby in the stroller  4408

Modern Dollhouse bathroom  3969

Pirate Island 4136

Pirate Skull Take Along Case 5804

Pirate w/ Skull 4581

Sinister Pirate – Corsair 4626

Pirate Rico- special 5772

School Child -special 4618

Clown Beppo 4573

Clown w/ Acordion 3319

Romani Circus Clowns 3992

Soccer Match set 4700

Space Station 3079

Airplane 5726

City Life Aero Line Airport 3353

City Life Post Office 4400

City Life Huge Cargo Pacific Airplane Jet 4310

City Life Modern Dollhouse 3965

Outdoor Adventure Treehouse 5746

Egyptian Pharoah w/ Chariot 4244

Egyptian Soldiers 4245

Egyptian  Camels & Herdsman 4247

Egyptian Pyramid 4240

Polar Researcher w/Sled 3194

Western Cowboy Bounty Hunter 3798

Robin Hood and Highway Robber (Knights Magic Castle) 3633

Viking Fortress 4433

Ice Cream Parlor Store Party 4134

Cycle Champions Bicycle Race 3849

Horse and Pony Ranch 3120

Rabbit Hutch 3075

Plant Beds and Shed 4482

Victorian Farmer’s Wife w/ Son 5501