PBS logo seen at the end of its programs from ...
PBS logo seen at the end of its programs from October 4, 1971 to September 30, 1984 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Why is 70s tv so important to 80s fans? Because half of 80s tv was made of up 70s reruns of course.  Case in point: Zoom!  A PBS classic that ran from 1972-1978 shows just what happens when you tell kids to get up there on camera and do what their fans tell them to. No seriously, the show took viewer contributions:  Write Zoom, Z-Double-O-M, Box 3-5-0, Boston, Mass 0-2-1-3-4: send it to Zoom. The original show was noted for those sexy rugby shirts everyone got to wear and the nonsensical Ubbi-Dubbi language that just makes you want to pull the PC card for some reason. The 70s Zoom kids also liked to sing and put out albums Come on and Zoom and Playgrounds. Zoom 70s intro courtesy 80sretrotv There were 12,000,001 children appearing in Zoom over the years (give or take) which I imagined wore PBS execs the hell out so much so that they entirely skipped making new episode in the 80s and most of the 90s before rehashing the show from 1999-2005 in which the 11,999,999 cast members were allowed to wear actual coloured clothing and someone discovered how to animate titles. Although I’m not certain either of these was a great idea.  Buzzfeed has kindly weeded out the best of the kid intros to show us what marvelous improvement the 90s made to the show:  The Definitive Ranking of Zoom Cast Members Introductions. But in case you can’t shake your love of the original, Amazon sells DVD Zoom-Back to the 70s. Oh, and they also have *these things* still running around.  
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