Watching VisionQuest

Cover of "Vision Quest"
Cover of Vision Quest
I got 1985’s Vision Quest starring Matthew Modine and Linda Fiorentino out from the library the other day primarily because Madonna is in a club scene singing Crazy for You which was from the soundtrack and frankly, Madonna didn’t ‘sparkle’ like the cover review asserts but the rest of the flick was pretty decent 80s teen angst fare. Check it out if you haven’t seen it. Here’s a few fun facts:  What else do you know Matthew Modine from?  a ton of shorts and tv movies but ALSO The Dark Knight Rises (played Foley), appearances on the West Wing and Law and Order SVU, an ABC Afterschool Special (Amy & the Angel) and Full Metal Jacket )Pvt. JT Joker Davis) This was Madonna’s first appearance in a major motion picture (what about minor motion pictures??). She sang Crazy for You and also Gambler. Kuch, the main character Louden’s pal, tells Carla his Indian name is Swift Elk. He also played Jake in Sixteen Candles. Louden works at a hotel as an after-school job. I’m not sure if he was a good worker or not on account that a guest gives him a pair of wrestling shoes. What a tip. Vision Quest was based on a book written by American author  Terry Davis of the same name.  “My Vision. My Quest. My Life.”    
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