Too Groovy Toy Show a success!

The Masterminds behind it all!
The Masterminds behind it all!

I took a trip to the Too Groovy Pop Culture Toys toy show on Saturday to see what was what with my buddy Bobby Novotny and was really pleased with how things turned out. The tables were chock full of vintage and new; Ben and Janet Novotny were working the kitchen and keeping watch over Too Groovy’s table (and beating Penn Hills Game Exchange in a friendly Nintendo DS competition) and the hosts Patrick, Bobby and Steve worked the crowd. There were Klingons, there were Minifigs, there were hot dogs! And I admit, there was a box of My Little Ponies that almost came home with me… shhh!

So the highlights- at $2 admission and kids under 9 free there was no excuse not to come out. It was even cold and rainy out so no better way to spend the day than with toys. The atmosphere was friendly, there was a decidedly 80s tv theme vibe about the music (woohoo! I put my head up long enough to catch snatches of Doogie Howser, the Smurfs and the Greatest American Hero) and all the dealers were ready to talk toys. I had a very good chinwag with Penn Hills Game Exchange (very knowledgeable people) on Nintendo’s Famicom and a very interesting base for Gamecube which allows one to play Gameboy on a television. Really neat stuff, ok I’m a video nerd lol. Atari Guy was also nearby who I am told is *the* authority on Atari. I particularly liked his pacman themed table decor. At the very end of the middle tables Paul had some interesting Japanese movie figures with plenty of accessories and original boxes. Jason’s collection of die cast was impressive, Warp Zone brought about every classic GI Joe playset there could possibly be, and D and E Collectibles’ Star Wars spread would have made Darth Vader jealous. Nicole Tibbitt was in full regalia with a very original anime and toy-themed collection of jewelry, stickers and badges, Melissa and Jason’s wall o’80s and 90s got a fan squeal out of me and Kevin brought not only boxes of DVDs but some really interesting and HUGE Batman vehicles. The My Little Ponies were courtesy Harlyn, C. Todd Brick had enough Lego sets to build a whole new building for next year’s toy show and lastly, Laser Tag. Laser Tag! STEVE!!!!!

Of course with vintage items you have a lot of overlap so for GI Joe Fans, Legomaniacs and Star Wars junkies there was plenty at many of the tables. Every table seemed to have a really unique item which I will focus on here because there was some pretty cool stuff and I know the founders are looking to repeat the process in a few months so I hope this will be a preview of the next time around:

Penn Hills Game Exchange: Retron 5 Nintendo clone
Atari Guy: Possibly every 2600 cartridge, ever
Too Groovy Toys: Benji Detective and Charlie’s Angels Board Games
Kevin: Mammoth Batmobile!

Paul: Gaijin Figures
Harlyn: Huge Pee Wee Herman doll
Steve Appleby: LASER TAG!!
Melissa & Jason: Wrinkles dog (when did you last see one of these??)

C. Todd Brick: Lord of the Rings Lego sets
J.P. Bidula: novel Unlucky Seven
Spike Bowan: novel War in the Backyard

D and E Collectibles: Ewoks Village playset
Jason: Corgi double decker bus models
Warp Zone: GI Joe Cobra Terror Drome
Nicole Tibbitt: Plastic Army men earrings

Make sure you check out the participants’ websites and also check out Fruitimals who nay be joining the show next year. There’s talk of a follow up show possibly in 6 months so make sure you’re going to be around in the spring to come out, talk toys and bring a couple of favourites home for your collection.

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