Theatre Candy in the 80s

I was in the drug store the other day and noticed amongst the plethora of food items now stocked there was a sale on movie theatre candy. Those slim, 3.5 oz boxes of munching candy fetching $4.25 average at the cinema can be had for as little as $1.00 when the drug and some grocery stores are trying to get rid of stock. Though I’ve never seen anyone buy a box of Goobers outside the show, Snowcaps, Jujubees or Raisinets for that matter, these items are candy staples around the country. Somewhat better than gummy candy and way below boxed chocolates, theatre candy still do their best to expand waistlines and keep the dentist busy.
Going to the cinema was a huge deal when I was a kid and I can only recall seeing a handful before high school but getting that special theatre candy as just about as exciting. Junior Mints were my mother’s favourite, Goobers were more my dad’s choice and after being completely crushed that gummy bears didn’t actually look like the Care Bears on their box, I settled for Reece’s Pieces.

In the 80s there was much to choose from including:

Reece’s Pieces
Care Bears Gummi Bears

Mike & Ikes
Junior Mints
Lemon Heads
Red Hots
Swedish Fish
Sugar Babies
Milk Duds
Good & Plenty
Sour Patch Kids

What theatre candies did you love in the 80s?

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