The not-so-yummy return of Yummy Mummy

I posted a little while ago that Target was carrying boxes of Yummy Mummy and Fruit Brute and at the time I smiled that nostalgic smile and moved on- I’d never eaten Fruit Brute when it was out and couldn’t remember liking anything other than Count Chocula in the way of Monster Cereals. But when the prices were slashed after Halloween I picked up a couple of boxes to try (btw neither are certified gluten free– they have the ‘may contain wheat’ disclaimer but the ingredients looked ok to me so I went for it). The box describes Yummy Mummy as “Artificial Orange Cream Flavor Frosted Cereal with Spooky-Fun Marshmallows.”  I dunno about that spooky fun part but orange cream anything puts me off and artificial – well, let me have some illusions General Mills!!  The cereal itself reminds me of the pac man ghosts- I dunno if those are mummy heads or Dr. Zoidberg’s babies. It stayed up okay in milk and the marshmallows seem like they’ve been freeze-fried to last to Jupiter and back but honestly it rather sucked. Like I said, orange cream just doesn’t sound right in anything outside of popsicles.  It wasn’t bad dry from the box though- so I’m pretty sure I can slide it into somebody’s lunchbox and not be stuck with rotting mummy into Christmas. 🙂 At any rate, there was some trivia on the box I’ll share with you (along with a really strange comic with the ‘new’ old monsters): 1. The monster catch phrase for Yummy Mummy cereal was : Fruity Yummy Mummy Makes your Tummy go Yummy! 2. The original colour of Boo Berry’s tie was red. 3. The monster cereals were once haunted with ghost marshmallow pieces 4. The monster cereal boxes were originally all white 5. The monster cereals offered  mail in premiums of monster ink stampers and a monster mansion.   Sources: Mr.
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