The Goldbergs

Produced by Adam Goldberg and written based on members of his family, the show is set in the 80s and revolves around freshman Adam Goldberg, his loud mouthed father, prissy sister, skate rink frequenting brother and overbearing, Jane Fonda disciple mother. I dunno about this one. I was very excited to get my nostalgia muscles tickled but I think what fails with shows that set in past times are that you can’t just dress 2013 kids up in 1982 bedazzled clothes and film with 2013 filming equipment and bring out the actual quality of the era. Film wasn’t that crisp – nobody had heard of HD. Sound was wasn’t that clear- mp3 was a decade away. So while I’m enjoying the writing and the humor I can’t help but have this brain conflict trying to visually place the period. And I know that shouldn’t detract from a good show but you know, it just does. Am I going to watch the series out? You betcha, I can’t look away from the 80s!! The Goldbergs is on ABC Tuesdays 9/8 central but you can catch up on Hulu too.


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