TV Networks and Broadcasting Corportations

The television hallmark of the 80s was the introduction of cable into households around the country. Premium cable debuted anf suddenly we had more HBO, Skinemax (ahem, Cinemax) and Nickelodeon than we knew what to do with. During this decade channels catered specifically to children were created and paying for movies right in your own home paved the way for today’s Watch Now services. Here’s a listing of major networks and broadcasting corporations that rotted our tender young brains during the 80s. National Networks BBC1, BBC2 – British Broadcasting Corporation ABC – American Broadcasting Corporation CBS- Columbia Broadcasting System NBC – National Broadcasting Corporation FOX Network PBS – Public Broadcasting Service CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Univision HSN – Home Shopping Network TBN – Trinity Broadcasting Network CTN – Christian Television Network TVT – Tristate Christian Television EWTN – Eternal Word Television Network The Inspiration Network HBO – Home Box Office TLN – Total Living Network GLC – God’s Learning Channel America’s Store Channel America Nickelodeon The Disney Channel The Box Video Jukebox Network MTV – Music Television VH1- Video Hits 1 MuchMusic Media Groups Viacom (Video and Audio Communications) Lorimar Communications Ruby-Spears Cosgrove DIC Saban, Haim-Saban Nelvana Cinar Children’s Television Workshop

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