Game Shows

They filled in the time from cartoons to the stuff your big sister or brother watched but you probably weren’t supposed to. And admit it, you always wanted to get your family on Family Feud.  **Shows are listed in the decade of when they first aired

Pre 1970s Game Shows

 Tic Tac Dough Twenty One You Bet Your Life You Don’t Say! Concentration Eye Guess Hollywood Squares (an 80s staple, premiered in the 60s) It Takes Two Jeopardy ! Let’s Make a Deal Match Game Name that Tune Queen for a Day Sale of the Century The Big Surprise $64,000 Question The Dating Game Dream House Everybody’s Talking Family Game Get the Message The Honeymoon Race Hows Your Mother-in-Law? Missing Links The Newlywed Game Number, Please The Object Is One in a Million Temptation Supermarket Sweep Seven Keys The Price is Right (an 80s staple, premiered in the 60s and still going strong!) Who do you trust? Yours for a Song  

1970-1979 Game Shows

The $10,000 Pyramid The Better Sex The Big Showdown Family Feud  -an 80s staple, premiered in the late 70s and still going strong Hot Seat The Money Maze Password Rhyme and Reason Split Second You don’t Say Second Chance Showoffs 50 Grand Slam All Star Secrets Celebrity Sweepstakes Card Sharks The Gong Show  -a family favourite! Knockout The Magnificent Marble Machine Mindreaders Password Plus Stumpers Three on a Match Wheel of Fortune  -an 80s staple, premiered in the late 70s and still going strong Winning Streak High Rollers Newlywed Game Break the Bank

1980-1989 Game Shows

The $20,000 Pyramid Win, Lose or Draw Time Machine Your Number’s Up Super Password Wordplay Scrabble Dream House Match Game- Hollywood Squares Hour Hit Man Go Hot Potato Gambit Classic Concentration Battlestars Blockbusters Chain Reaction All-Star Blitz Bruce Forsyth’s Hot Streak Trivia Trap

1990-1995 Game Shows

To tell the Truth


Family Secrets

Caesar’s Challenge


Match Game

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