The Care Bear Family

Love-a-Lot in cloud car unknown author   The Care Bears Family TV episode list For Care Bears dolls and toys click here. For Care Bears books and media click here. The Care Bears debuted on television with 2 specials produced by Atkinson film-Arts in Ottawa, Canada in 1983 and 1984. The first series run in 1985 was produced by DIC Entertainment and the following 3-season run began in 1986 and was produced by Nelvana in Toronto, Canada. DIC Entertainment is now Cookie Jar Productions under DHX Media. DIC Entertainment Produced Episodes – 1984 1. Camp / Birthday 2. Braces / Split Decision 3. Lucky Charm / Soap Box Derby 4. The Last Laugh / The Show Must Go On 5. The Forest of Misfortune / Magic Mirror 6. Daydreams / Runaway 7. Mayor for a Day / The Night the Stars went out 8. The Magic Shop / Concrete Rain 9. Dry Spell / Drab City 10. Wedding Bells / The Old Man and the Lighthouse 11. The Cloud Worm / The Girl who Called Wolf Nelvana- produced episodes 1986 1. Care-a-Lot’s Birthday 2. Grumpy’s Three Wishes 3. The Great Race 4. Home Sweet Homeless 5. The Sleeping Giant 6. Lost at Sea 7. The Big Star Round-up 8. The Camp Out 9. I, Robot Heart 10. Bravest of the Brave 11. The Long Lost Care Bears 12. The Cloud of Uncaring 13. Birthday Bear’s Blues 14. Gram Bear’s Thanksgiving Day Surprise 15. The Wrath of Shreeky 16. The All Powerful Mr. Beastly 17. Bright Heart’s Bad Day 18. Order on the Court 19. The Magic Lamp 20. Desert Gold 21. The Gift of Caring 22. The Two Princesses 23. The Cloud Monster 24. Grumpy the Clumsy 25. The Purple Chariot 26. The Caring Crystals 27. The Best Way to Make Friends 28. Care Bear Town of Parade 29. Hearts at Sea 30. No Business like Snow Business 31. The Factory of Uncaring 32. The Lost Gift 33. Lotsa Heart’s Wish 34. The Showdown 35. Caring for Spring 36. The Turnabout 37. Cheer of the Jungle 38. Beautiful Dreamer- The Show Must Go On 39. The Care Bear Carneys 40. The Pirate Treasure 41. Grin and Bear It. 42. The Perils of the Pyramid 43. Bedtime for Care-a-Lot 44. Treat Heart Baba and the Two Thieves 45. Doctor Brightenstein’s Monster 46. The Care Fair Scare 47. The Mystery of the Phantom 48. Under the Bigtop 49. The Most Ancient Gift 50. Ski Trouble 51. The Care Bear Exercise Show 52. The Care-a-Lot Games 53. Gram’s Cooking Corner 54. The Care Bears Look at Food, Facts, and Fables 55. The Thing that Came to Stay 56. The Space Bubbles 57. Cheer Bear’s Chance 58. Hungry Little Guy 59. King of the Moon 60. On Duty 61. The Secret of the Box 62. The Frozen Forest 63. Grumpy’s Little Friend 64. One Million C.B. 65. Tugs the Brave 66. Coconut Crazy 67. Bad Luck Friday 68. Food Frolics 69. It’s Raining, it’s Boring 70. A Day Without Tugs 71. The Fabulous Care Bears Safety Game 72. A Rhyme in Time 73. Songfellow Strum and His Magic Train 74. Music Video Care Bears Films and Specials The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine The Care Bear Movie The Care Bears II: A New Generation The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland The Care Bears Nutcracker Suite Sources: Universal Scraps The Care Bear Zone

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