Sailor Moon Enemies

Boy, Usagi had a lot of enemies, didn’t she? It seemed like in every episode there wasn’t just the established baddies trying to get that silver crystal and ruin the future but a whole army of minions constantly being created by anything laying around to give the Sailor Senshi a rough time (like, remember the lipstick-demon-daimon-whatever-thing? Seriously? Lipstick??)  Let’s take a look at who was trying to kick some moonie a$$: Enemies from the Dark Kingdom  (series 1) Queen Beryl Queen Metallia Jadeite Nephrite Zoicite Kunzite The Youma Ail and Ann The Cardian Enemies from the Black Moon (series 2) The Wiseman Death Phantom Prince Demando Safiru Esmeraude Black Lady (Chibiusa’s evil form) Rubeus The Droids Akayashi Sisters Cooan Beruche Karabers Petz Enemies from the Death Busters (series 3) Master Pharoah 90 Professor Tomoe Soichi (Hotaru’s father) Kaolinite Mistress Nine (Hotaru’s other incarnation) The Daimon The Witches 5 Eudial Mimete Tellu Viluy Cyprine and Ptilol Enemies from the Dead Moon Circus (series 4) Queen Neherenia (Nehelenia) Zirconia The Lemures Amazon Trio Hawk’s Eye Tiger’s Eye Fish Eye Amazoness Quartet Cere Cere Jun Jun Ves Ves Para Para Enemies from Series 5 (Sailor Stars) Queen Neherenia (Nehelenia) The clones of Queen Neherenia Choas Galaxia The Sailors the Animates Iron Mouse Aluminum Siren Lead Crow Tin Nyanko

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