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  Families of the Inner Senshi
Sailor Moon (character)
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Tsukino Family (Sailor Moon) Tsukino Shinjo / Sammy –Usagi’s little brother Tsukino Ikuko/ Ikuko-Mama– Usagi’s mother Tsukino Kenji/ Kenji-Papa –Usagi’s father Tsukino Usagi / Chibiusa / Small Lady/ Rini — Usagi and Mamoru’s future daughter Tsukino Kousagi – Usagi and Mamoru’s 2nd future child in the Materials Collection  *Usagi’s father is based on author Naoko Takeuchi’s father. Kousagi is mentioned in the artbook the Materials Collection Hino Family (Sailor Mars) Rei no Ojisan/ Grampa— Rei’s Grampa Hino,not named Hino Takashi— Rei’s father Hino Risa –Rei’s mother Hino Rei (jr)— Rei’s  daughter in the Materials Collection  *Rei’s mother died when she was a child of unmentioned illness and her father is a politician. Rei moved in at the shrine with her grandfather after the death of her mother which was at some time before elementary school per the manga. Rei’s future daughter is mentioned in the artbook the Materials Collection. Mizuno Family (Sailor Mercury) Mizuno Saeka –Ami’s mother Mizuno-san— Ami’s father, not named Mizuno Ami (jr)– Ami’s daughter in the Materials Collection  * Ami’s mother is mentioned as a doctor in the  manga, her father is mentioned as an artist and they are divorced. Ami’s future daughter is mentioned in the artbook the Materials Collection. Aino Family Mr. Aino— Minako’s father Mrs. Aino— Minako’s mother Aino Mina – Minako’s daughter in the Materials Collection  *Minako’s future daughter is mentioned in the artbook the Materials Collection. Mr. and Mrs. Aino were not given full names in the manga. Kino Family Kino Mako– Makoto’s daughter in the manga story Parallel Sailor Moon *no info is given about Makoto’s family except that her parents died in an airline crash when she was young. Chiba Family *Mamoru’s parents were killed in a traffic accident when he was very young Family of the Outer Senshi Professor Souichi Tomoe– Hotaru’s father  (Sailor Saturn)  Tomoe Keiko –Hotaru’s mother Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Pluto— raised Hotaru after the death of her father. *Hotaru’s mother was killed in a fire that broke out in her father’s laboratory which also injured Hotaru. He became the leader of Death Busters and eventually was killed by Sailor Moon.   Sailor Friends Naru Osaka / Molly Baker – Sailor Moon’s best friend Gurio Umino / Melvin- classmate of Sailor Moon who has a big crush on her Haruna Sakurada / Patricia Haruna- Sailor Moon’s schoolteacher Motoki Furuhata / Andrew Foreman – friend of Tuxedo Mask, Sailor Moon has a crush on him Furuhata Unazuki / Elizabeth / Lizzy – Andrew’s younger sister Yuichiro Kumada / Chad – attendant at Sailor Mars’s family Shrine Kyusuke Sarashina / Kelly – friend of Chibiusa Momoko Momohara /Melissa – friend of Chibiusa Yumiko and Kuri – classmates of Chibiusa Phobos and Deimos — 2 crows at the Hino Shrine named by Rei. Sailor Allies Elios / Helios -priest of Elysion, guardian of the Golden Crystal Pegasus – Elios’ form when he was cursed by Queen Nehelenia Phobos & Deimos– crows at the Hino family shrine Luna-P – Chibiusa’s toy and communicator from the 30th century   Sources for all Sailor Moon pages: Sailor Moon, Sailor Moon S,  Sailor Moon SuperS,  Sailor Moon R,  Sailor Moon Sailor Stars Sailor Moon movies: R the Movie, S the Movie, Super S movie Sailor Moon Manga series Tokyopop / Kodansha versions Sailor Moon best song collection Sailor Moon Super Best collection Sailor Moon Super S Orgel Fantasia Soundtrack Bishojo Senshi Sailor Moon Memorial Song Box Sailor Moon Wiki Save Our Sailors
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