1990-1995 TV Series

Face it, if you were conscious in the 1980s you were still watching TV in the early 90s either at home, your first job or instead of minding little siblings. We’re only covering up to 1995 here because you were probably graduating by then and onto better things than watching the boob tube. Hopefully. 8:15 from Manchester  (UK) The Adventures of Blinky Bill  (UK) Albert the Fifth Musketeer  (UK) Alfonso Bonzo  (UK) The Animals of Farthing Wood (UK) Archer’s Goon  (UK) Willy Fog 2  (UK) Attack of the Killer Tomatoes  (US/ UK) Billy Web’s Amazing Stories  (UK) The Adventures of Pete & Pete Mighty Morphin Power Rangers X-Men  ( Batman: the Animated Series Are You Afraid of the Dark? The Dreamstone Where’s Waldo? Super Mario World Yo Yogi! TNBC Fievel’s American Tails The Little Mermaid Marsupilami Mother Goose and Grimm The Addams Family Bump in the Night Cro Darkwing Duck (UK) Disney’s Doug Free Willy Fudge Goof Troop Hammerman Land of the Lost Little Rosie New Kids on the Block The Pirates of Dark Water (US/ UK) Peter Pan and the Pirates (UK) ReBoot Sonic the Hedgehog Tales of the Cryptkeeper Wild West C.O.W.-Boys of Moo Mesa The Wizard of Oz Back to the Future: the Animated Series Beakman’s World Beethoven Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventures Parallel 9 (UK) Bill Nye the Science Guy Cadillacs and Dinosaurs Raisins: Sold Out! The California Raisins II The Pebbles & Bamm-Bamm Show (US / UK) Project G.e.e.K.e.R. Rosie & Jim (UK) Raw Toonage Richie Rich Riders in the Sky Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trollz Kid ‘N Play Chip and Pepper’s Cartoon Madness Polka Dot Shorts (UK) The Polka Dot Door (US/ UK) Philbert the Frog (UK) Phantom 2040 (UK) Police Academy (US / UK) Aladdin     Adult Programming C. Everrett Koop, MD Miss America Soap Opera Digest Awards All American Girl Baby Talk Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles Arresting Behavior The Commish I Witness Video Step by Step Hangin with Mr. Cooper Thea Thunder Alley Where I Live Cop Rock The Critic Capitol Critters Matlock My So-called Life NYPD Blue Touched by an Angel Twin Peaks Red Shoe Diaries Billy Home Improvement Camp Wilder Boy Meets World Dinosaurs Ellen Getting By Going Places Good & Evil Grace Under Fire The Vicar of Dibley (UK) Absolutely Fabulous (UK) Father Ted (UK) Ballykissangel (UK) Phenom Sister, Sister Blossom Brotherly Love Cafe American California Dreams X-Files Down Home Frasier The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Friends Jesse Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Mad About You Madman of the People The Mommies Saved by the Bell, the college years Saved by the Bell, the new class Rhythm & Blues The Powers that Be Nurses ER NewsRadio Second Half Something Wilder The Torkelsons Wings Earth2 Homicide: Life on the Street I’ll Fly Away SeaQuest DSV Sisters Viper        

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