Intellivision, Odyssey2 and Vectrex Games List

English: Intellivision with the game AstroSmas...
English: Intellivision with the game AstroSmash Русский: Фотография видеоприставки Intellivision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Games published for Intellivision Intellivision Games for Intellivision Astrosmash Auto Racing Armor Battle Backgammon Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Boxing Body Slam! Super Pro Wrestling Basketball Bowling Big League Baseball Bump ‘n Jump Buzz Bombers Chess Chip Shot Super Pro Golf Burgertime Diner Football Dig Dug Commando Misson-X Horse Racing Golf Math Fun Hockey Lock ‘n Chase Learning Fun I Learning Fun II Hover Force Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack The Jetson’s Way with Words Masters of the Universe: The Power of He-Man Mr. Basic Meets Bits ‘n Bytes Pac-Man Night Stalker Mountain Madness Super Pro Skiing Motocross Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase Sea Battle Shark! Shark! Pinball Royal Dealer Pole Position Reversi Soccer Skiing Snafu Stadium Mud Buggies Space Hawk Space Battle Space Armada Star Strike Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey Sharp Shot Slam Dunk Super Pro Basketball Tron Maze-A-Tron Tron Deadly Discs Utopia Thin Ice Super Pro Decathalon Super Pro Football Super Series Big League Baseball World Championship Baseball Sub Hunt Thunder Castle Tower of Doom Triple Challenge Vectron Activision Games for Intellivision Pitfall! Happy Trails The Dreadnaught Factor Beamrider Stampede River Raid Worm Whomper Atarisoft Games for Intellivision Centipede Defender Pac-Man Carnival Lady Bug Donkey Kong Donkey Kong Jr Zaxxon Venture Turbo Mouse Trap Dextel/ Nice Ideas Games for Intellivision World Cup Soccer Championship Tennis Imagic Games for Intellivision Demon Attack Beauty and the Beast Atlantis Dragonfire Dracula Fathom Microsurgeon Nova Blast Ice Trek Tropical Trouble Safecracker Swords & Serpents White Water! Interphase Games for Intellivision Sewer Sam Blockade Runner Mattel Games for Intellivision Armor Battle Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Treasure of Tarmin APBA Backgammon Bomb Squad B-17 Bomber Auto Racing Astrosmash Buzz Bombers Horse Racing Bump ‘n Jump Burgertime Boxing The Jetsons’ Ways with Words Frog Bog Checkers Math Fun: the Electric Company Lock ‘n Chase Las Vegas Roulette Las Vegas Poker & Blackjack Kool-Aid Man Masters of the Universe King of Castle Grayskull Masters of the Universe the Power of He-Man Loco-Motion Major League Baseball NBA Basketball Mission-X Melody Blaster Mind Strike NASL Soccer Mr. Basic Meets Bits ‘Bytes Motocross PBA Bowling Night Stalker NHL Hockey NFL Football Royal Dealer PGA Golf Reversi Pinball Sharp Shot Shark! Shark! Sea Battle Scooby Doo’s Maze Chase Space Armada Space Hawk Space Battle Space Spartans Snafu Tennis Sub Hunt Tron: Solar Sailer Tron: Maze-a-Tron Tron: Deadly Discs Triple Action Star Strike Vectron Word Fun: The Electric Company World Series Major League Baseball USCF Chess Utopia US Ski Team Skiing Parker Brothers Games for Intellivision Popeye Q*Bert Super Cobra Tuthankham Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Frogger Sears Tele-Games Games for Intellivision Football Baseball Auto Racing Astrosmash Checkers Basketball Bowling Boxing Backgammon Golf Hockey Horse Racing Skiing Poker and BlackJack Night Stalker Frog Bog Sea Battle Snafu Soccer Roulette Utopia Sub Hunt Space Hawk Space Armada Space Battle Star Strike Tennis Triple Action Odyssey2 Games List Odyssey2/ Magnavox Games for Odyssey2 Apline Skiing! Alien Invaders- Plus! Baseball! Bowling! / Basketball! Armored Encounter! / Sub Chase! Attack of the Timelord! Baseball! Blockout!/ Breakdown! Computer Intro! Casino Slot Machine! Computer Golf! Cosmic Conflict! Conquest of the World Sid the Spellbinder Type & Tell Nimble Numbers Ned! Dynasty Invaders from Hyperspace! Freedom Fighters! Football! Electronic Table Soccer! Hockey!/ Soccer! The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt Keyboard Creations! K. C.’s Krazy Chase! K.C. Munchkin! Matchmaker! / Logix! / Buzzword! I’ve got your number! Math a Magic! / Echo! Las Vegas Blackjack! Killer Bees! P.T. Barnum’s Acrobats! Math Wizardry! Out of this world!/ Helicopter Rescue! Monkeyshines! Power Lords! Pachinko! Pocket Billiards! Pick Axe Pete! Smithereens! Showdown in 2100 A.D. Sid the Spellbinder The Quest for the Rings Take the Money and Run! Thunderball! Speedway!/ Spinout!/ Crypto-Logic! Volleyball! War of Nerves! Turtles! UFO!
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