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Dragon Computers Data Ltd. www.dragonwiki.com
Dragon Computers Data Ltd. www.dragonwiki.com
Dragon Computers were produced in Europe by Dragon Data, Ltd and in the US by Tano beginning in 1982. The 2 models which made it to market were the Dragon 32 and Dragon 64, popular until their discontinuation in 1984. The software library is extensive for these computers but they suffered from inferior graphics to the models of the time, notable the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Commodore’s 64 and Acrorn’s BBC Micro. Similar in operating system to Tandy’s Extended Basic, the Dragons are thought to be closets to the TRS-80 Color Computer. And despite it’s shortcomings, the Dragon stayed popular for home use because of their spacious casing which allowed users to modify their units. Oddly the British government chose the Dragon 32 in a scheme to get farmer’s to use computers and Dragon 32’s with a software package aimed in helping farmers manage their cattle herds were sold to that community. The scheme was referred to as Farm Fax. Below is a general list of Dragon software, by all means not exhaustive- for extensive games and emulator info go to Dragon32Universe! Hungry Horace courtesy Steve Benway Artist Devil’s Triangle Earth’s Rescue Fireball First Letters and Words King of the Valley O Level Chemistry O Level Physics Stargate Stock Control v2.2 Willy’s Revenge Fairground Fantasy Pirate Teach ME Drawcaster Australian Pools Drawcaster British Pools Mystery Fun House Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle Strange Odyssey Albert and the Monsters Galactic Raiders Invaders Jaws Sums 1, 2 Basic Tutorial beginners, advanced Computer Studies Maths Level 1, 2 Maths O Level Revision Arithmetic 1, 2 Maths O Level Revision Calculus 1,2 Maths O Level Revision Construction 1 Maths O Level Revision part 1, 2 Super Spy, Super Spy Secret Mission Flight Simulator Kart Maggots Rebound Aliens+ Clowns 1- juggling, Clowns 3- catching Computa Fruita Galleons Triplet Artists’s Designer Dragontrek Empire Juxa Position- Barons of Ceti V The Count Voodoo Castle Pirate Adventure Pyramid of Doom Savage Island Part 1, part 2 Secret Mission Golden Voyage Hulk Donkey King courtesy RetroGameDemos Football Manager Adventureland Ghost Town Chuckie Egg, Chuckie Egg Alternative Deadwood Screaming Abdabs 3D Maze Arcade Action Breakout Caterpillar Golf Invader Island Adventure Meteor Run Pinball Pharoah’s Curse Space Attack Mace Witchway Avenger Castle Adventure Death Cruise I Ching UXB Disc Doctor Dragonchess Forbidden City Go For Broke Missile Defence The Curse of Abu Simbel Jet Set Willy courtesy CoCo Forest The Power Sword The 13th Task Cells and Serpents Conquering Everest Demon Knight Detective The Fall of Rome The Valley The White Barrows Doodles and Demos Pi Mania Yakzee Arrow of Death part 1, part 2 Circus Escape from Pulsar Seven Feasibility Experiment Perseus and Andromeda The Time Machine The Wizard of Akyrz Waxworks Cosmic Crusader courtesy StigsGameRoom Adventure Writer Ace High Mk.2 Surprise Stockmarket Mini Games Interplanetary Trader Golden Apples of the Sun Bopswizzle Amazing Alien Odyssey Cassette Inlay Card Designer Fillup Logo 3.4 Kriegspiel Up Periscope Barmy Burgers Bombs Away Basil Boris the Bold Boulder Crash Brock’s Kingdom Cavern of Chaos Copta Snatch Cosmic Crusader Creepies Desperado Dan Frogger Frogger courtesy Glitchologteam Dodo Dragon Darts Enter the Dragon Fingers Gi’s a Job! Guardian Angel Kama Carzy Kung Fu the Master Laser Run Olympia Perilous Pit Ruby Robba Sewer Rat and Raiders Space Trek and Reversi Star Defence Star Swoop Starman Jones Temple of Doom MacDougal’s Last Stand Mission Attack Morbid Mansion Mutant Wars The Bells I.Q. Test Rommel’s Revenge courtesy Merrilee Samayoa Missile Defender The Tiger Grand Prix Adventure 200 Dream Machine The Immortal Stain The Time Machine Search Toccata and Fugue Datapen Screencopy GP100A Slither Snow Queen Baccarat Cave Fighter Dragon Racer and Wasp Invasion Dragrunner Drone Datatank Fantasy Flight Geography Home Base Livingstone Quazimodo Tano Dragon 64 review courtesy vwestlife Superbowl Trace Race Color Robot Battle Graphics Demo The Vespozian Affair Data File Manager World Boxing The Tape Doctor Junk Food Giant’s Castle Klartz and the Dark Forces Math Pack 1 Maths Trek The Crystal Chalice The Temple of Zoren Treasure Tombe Database Bugged 5 Games in 5 Minutes courtesy Dragon32Universe Catalogue Sort and Mail Zak’s Son Hacker Utilities Space Trek 1,2,3 The Sword and the Sorcerer The Wizard’s Lair To Boldy Go TRUN Ten Little Indians The Golden Baton
English: Dragon 32 Home Computer (1982)
English: Dragon 32 Home Computer (1982) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sources: Dragon 32 Universe DragonWiki
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