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Home video consoles weren’t the only platforms 80s families could enjoy video games outside the arcade. As computer graphics and processing speeds got faster and electronics prices dropped, consumer America began to see computers as entertainment centres rather than the room-long adding machines of the previous decades. ¬†Why own a video console your teenaged sons fought over whilst taking the tv away from everyone else when you could own a family-friendly computer: accounting for dad, word processing for mum and games for the kids. Best of all, nobody had to give up the tv for later models. Acorn Computers: Electron, Archimedes, Atom, BBC Micro Dragon 32 Tamgerine¬†Oric-1 APF Imagination Machine Commodore Vic-20, Amiga, 64, PET, 16 (116), Max Machine Vtech Createvision Apple II, Mac MSX Amstrad CPC VideoBrain TRS-80 Sharp X1, MZ, X68000 FM Towns TurboGrafx-16 NEC-PC-8001 computer DEC PDP-1, 10 Atari 1200XL, ST, 500, 800 Sinclair ZX Spectrum, QL, ZX81 IBM PC CPTV Enterprise Computer Mattel Aquarius Coleco Adam Jupiter Ace  
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