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TG atari 5200 Want more Atari?? Explore more on Yello80s: Atari 2600 Games List Atari 7800 Games List Atari History Atari/ Coleco Console and Accessories List At the end of 1982 Atari upgraded the 2600 hardware to bring out the new Atari 5200 SuperSystem, the prototype being named Atari Video System X – Advanced Video Computer System (codename PAM) with the same processor as the Atari 400/ 800 computers. A few working prototypes do exist for 5200 which of course are rare and very valuable. Unfortunately, the engineering department was quite unhappy with the final product and lobbied to have it cut from the market unless they could have new controllers implemented. The 5200 featured a new analog paddle controller which used a rubber boot to steady it instead of the former spring mechanism and this made the controller faulty even despite the game pause feature which was new at the time. Nonethless, Atari pushed it out to shelves. On launch, Super Breakout, Space Invaders and Galaxian were released for the 5200 but these were not compatible with the 2600. A version of Asteroids was originally to be included but never was.  Though news reviews of the 5200 were positive in regards to the technology, sound, effects and screen movement, the cost and graphics made the competing ColecoVision console, which was bundled with Donkey Kong at the time, a more attractive buy. Overall there were relatively few games for the 5200 (69, with the last being released in 1986)  as Atari staff were still busy developing games for the 2600. But the real kill for the 5200 were the controllers. One should always listen to one’s engineers. Over one million units were sold and the console was discontinued just two years after release. List of Games for Atari 5200 Supersystem Atari Games for Atari 5200 Centipede Countermeasure Choplifter! Berzerk Ballblazer Joust Defender DigDug Football Gremlins Galaxian Missile Command Moon Patrol Ms.Pac-Man Kangaroo Mario Bros. Jungle Hunt Pengo Pole Position RealSports Football RealSports Baseball RealSports Soccer RealSports Tennis Soccer Qix Pac-Man Rescue on Fractalus! Robotron 2084 Space Dungeon Super Breakout Vanguard Space Invaders Star Raiders   Activision Games for Atari 5200 The Activision Decathalon Beamrider The Dreadnaught Factor H.E.R.O. Kaboom! Megamania Keystone Kapers River Raid Pitfall! Pitfall! 2: Lost Caverns Zenji Zone Ranger Space Shuttle Big Five Software Games for Atari 5200 Bounty Bob Strikes Back! Miner 2049er CBS Electronics Games for Atari 5200 GORF Blue Print K-Razy Shoot-out Wizard of WOR Mountain King Electra Concepts Games for Atari 5200 Meteorites Parker Brothers Games for Atari 5200 Astro Chase Frogger Frogger II: Threeedeep! James Bond 007 Popeye Mr. Do!’s Castle Montezuma’s Revenge featuring Panama Joe Gyruss Q*Bert Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Death Star Battle Star Wars: The Arcade Game Super Cobra Sega Games for Atari 5200 Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom Congo Bongo Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator Zaxxon Sunrise Software Games for Atari 5200 Quest for Quintana Roo Atari 5200 1983 Advert courtesy BigBoxThatROCKS Want more Atari?? Explore more on Yello80s: Atari 2600 Games List Atari 7800 Games List Atari History Atari/ Coleco Console and Accessories List

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