Atari/ Coleco / Intellivision Consoles and Accessories list

English: Sears Tele Games Video Arcade, early ...
English: Sears Tele Games Video Arcade, early six switch version, otherwise known a a Sears “Heavy Sixer”. This is the first Sears brand version of the popular Atari 2600 console. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Want more Atari?? Explore more on Yello80s: Atari 2600 Games List Atari 5200 Games List Atari 7800 Games List Atari History   The Atari 2600 VCS (Video Computer System) debuted in 1977 and included a 6-switch games console, 2 joysticks, 1 set of paddles and the Combat game.  Later console versions included: the “Vader” version Sears’ Tele-games release 2600 “Jr” “Heavy Sixer” “Light Sixer” “Sunnyvale Heavy Sixer” “4-Switch woodgrain” Sears’ Video Arcade II Accessories for the 2600 released included a plethora of goodies from Atari and many third party companies: paddle sets joystick controllers kids’ controller Kid Vid voice module Starpath Supercharger Booster Grip joystick adapter Joyboard, driving controllers Track and Field controller MagiCard Templates Video Jogger Tron Joystick Flight Commander Controller Cosmic Commander Control Joystick repair kit
English: An Atari 2600 video game console, sho...
English: An Atari 2600 video game console, shown in all black. Also known as the “Darth Vader” version that came after the wood veneer version. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Game program case Game center Game Library and Book Binder Modular Cartridge Library Pro-Line Joystick/ Multi-System Deluxe Joystick Remote Control Joysticks Keyboard Controller Video Arcade, Video Arcade II, Video Arcade II All-in-One Controller Video Touch Pad Track-ball Space Age Joystick Switch Box VCS Carrying Case Tele-Games Center 500XJ Palm-held Joystick Arcade Spheres Blaster! The Boss Joystick Controller Columbia Home Arcade Color Bar Generator Accuball Controller Big Shot II Joystick Compumate Competition Pro Joystick, Deluxe Competition Joystick Copy Cart Faster Blaster Deluxe Videogame Controller Dust Cover Exercise Bike Aerobics Joystick Gameline Master Module Gemgrip Gemini Game System Game Selex Foot Craz Controller Fire Command II Footpedal Game Organizer Grabber The Stick Station Supr Stick X Adaptor Supr Stick Extra Lite High Score High Score Tournament Master Joy Sensor Pro Console I Vid-Rak Vid-tari Rom Emulator and Development System for Atari 800-2600 Ace Joystick IMagic Video Storage Center IMagic Cartridge Selector Pop Display Joystick Reducer Joystick Coupler Video Game Album Video Game Housing Video Game Center Video Game Caddy Video Game Space Case Mini-Champ Joystick Mazemaster The Organizer LeStick Pointmaster Joystick Pointmaster Pro Play-in-store Outrigger Unroller Controller TAC totally accurate controller, TAC 2, TAC 3, TAC 5 Quickshot I, Quickshot II Plus, Quickshot II Turbo, Quickshot VII, Quickshot IX, Quest Star Blazer Remote Control Joysticks (Game MateII) ROM Scanner Slik-Stik Starfighter Starmaster Joystick Vid Lid Plus Ultimate Superstick Video Champ Scoreboard Triggerstick Stick Stand Super Champ Joystick Supercharger Triga Command Joystick Star Fighter ultimate joystick Stick Stand Wico Three-way deluxe joystick Wico Famous Red Ball joystick, Wico Command Control Trakball Wico Command Control power grip joystick Video Game organizer Video Game Brain Video Game Cartridge Carrying Case Video Controller Joystick Video Command Video Game Center Videoplexer Videostak TV Games Cartridge Organizer Videostak Cartridge organizer Pro-Line Joystick Carrying Case Advantage joystick cover Commander Joystick Frob 2600 converter for Apple II Fire Power FP-1 joystick add-on The Power System Personal Game Programming System PGP-1 add-on Gamekeeper storage The Gamer’s Edge Joystick Just in Case storage Just in Case Deluxe model Lap-Mates Atari 5200 SuperSystem originally was designed with 4 ports and bundled with Super Breakout. A later version was redesigned with 2 ports and bundled with Pac-Man. Accessories for the 5200 are few and the system itself only lasted until 1984. VCS Cartridge Adaptor Track ball controler Carrying Case Fire Command Joystick Dust Cover Control Guide 4way adaptor Competition Pro Joystick Dual Control Holder Triga Elite Joystick Wico Command Control Keypad and Joystick 4 Port RF Switchbox Starcon Joystick Studio Spec Controller Extension Cord Wico Command Joystick Power Supply Masterplay Interface Standard Joystick Frob 5200 converter for Apple II Control-Guide joystick converter Atari 7800 Pro System (1986) came with 2 Pro-Line controllers and Pole Position II XE Light Gun Multi-System Deluxe Joystick (Pro-line) Coleco Vision– came out in 1982 and featured an Expansion Module Interface that allowed gamers to play games from other systems on the console- namely, from competitor Atari 2600. Coleco Vision came with 2 controllers and was bundled with the original Donkey Kong title. Accessories for Coleco Vision Coleco Vision Joystick Champ Keypad Coleco Vision Video Club Membership Easi-Grips Dust Cover Co-Sticklers Expansion Module Expansion Module 2 – Driving Module Expansion Module 3- Coleco Vision Family Computer System (ADAM) Power Supply Powerstik Commander Joystick Injoy-a-stick joystick Press Kit Super Action Controllers Sketch Master Fingertip Controller Quickshot III Deluxe Joystick Wico Command Control Joystick E-Z Joystick Pro Stick II Questar Joystick Fire Command IIC Console Questar IIC joystick Super Stick CC joystick  
English: Intellivision with the game AstroSmas...
English: Intellivision with the game AstroSmash Русский: Фотография видеоприставки Intellivision (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Created by Mattel in 1979, Intellivision had several versions created specifically for retailers Radio Shack, Sears, and Sylvania. A direct competitor for Atari 2600, Intellivsion was marketed as ‘Intelligent Telelivision’ and came with an adaptor like ColecoVision that allowed other system games to be played on it. Intellivision was sold in 1984 and later renamed INTV Corporation. Intellivision Master Component console Intellivision II Master Component console Sears Super Video Arcade console Sears Super Video Arcade II console Super Pro System console Intellivision II console Intellivision Computer Module- Entertainment Computer System (ECS) Intellivision Voice Synthesis Module INTV System III console Tandyvision One Matser Component module Dust Cover for Intellivision I Sears Tele-Games Super Video Arcade Controller Sylvania/ GTE Matser Component console Playcable Module Music Synthesizer Keyboard Component INTV Joystick Quick-Fire Quick-Stik I Quick-Stik II Skil-Stik Distick Gamekeeper Video Game Storage Cabinet VideoPlexer Stickler Joystick replacement disc Step-by-step guide to Home Computing POwer Stik Supr Stik Intellivision II Wico Command Control Controller Thumb Saver Vid Rak Video Game Album Want more Atari?? Explore more on Yello80s: Atari 2600 Games List Atari 5200 Games List Atari 7800 Games List Atari History

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