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Brush n Grow package art

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Cartoon Theme Lyrics: Thundercats and Biskitts

ThunderCats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thundercats, Ho! is one of the most powerful phrases of 80s right up there with By the Power of Greyskull… what kid couldn’t go slay and pillage after uttering one of these radical spells? ¬†Thundercats has been rebooted of course during this time of recycling everything 80s but the original just can’t be beat with that kicking guitar riff that made the girliest of watchers get up and toss their cereal bowl to the floor in revolt of the System! ¬†And for those of you not acquainted with the Biskitts, they were shown in the US and UK and were very much like a medieval version of the Paw Paw Bears but featuring dogs.

Thundercats Theme Lyrics:

Lion-O: Thunder, thunder
Thundercats, ho!

Are on the move
Thundercats are loose
Feel the magic
Hear the roar
Thundercats are loose

Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercats
Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercats
Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercats
Thunder, thunder
Thunder, Thundercats

Thundercats Intro HD courtesy Zmanstardust

Runner Up: The Biskitts

Narrator: Deep in the swamp lies the tiny Biskitt castle
Home of the smallest dogs in the world: The Biskitts!
For years, kings have entrusted their royal treasure to these pups
now, from a nearby castle rules the wasteful King Max

King Max: Shecky, we must find the royal treasure
Shecky: What?
Dog #2: (laughs)
King Max: Shecky!
Shecky: Ohhh, yes sire!

Biskitts: (holding up title card) Biskitts!

Biskitts intro courtesy mschwartz311