2015 Too Groovy Toy Show

Vintage TMNT
Vintage TMNT
Yello80s attended the 2nd annual 2015 Too Groovy Toy Show on 2nd May at Messiah Lutheran Church in Munhall, PA. Doors opened at 10am and the show went on til 4pm. Though the main 80s attractions seemed to revolve around TMNT and Care Bears, there was enough variety to entertain visitors of all ages with Lego sets and pieces from C. Todd Brick, plenty of diecast  and model sets vintage and new from South Hills Modelers Assocation, vintage and new Star Wars a’plenty from Too Groovy Pop Culture Toys , Jason Shorr and JMA Toys and Collectibles, GI Joes of all years from D & E Collectibles,  Japanese robots and collectibles from Materialist Zen, original art and character jewelry by local artist Nicole Tibbit, original soft toys by Lucky Squid Studios, video games and consoles from Warp Zone and the Atari Guy, and  local writers and members of Indie Authors of Mon Valley, J.P. Bidula and Spike Bowan.  Many thanks to organizers Bobby Novotny of Too Groovy Pop Culture Toys, Patrick Senatro, and Steve Appleby of Materialist Zen. Additional thanks to kitchen help and organisers Janet, Betsy and Ben Novotny. Below you’ll find the business cards of most but not all of the vendors who sold this year and we deeply missed Penn Hills Game Exchange but they were unable to attend and we hope next time we’ll have their presence and endless video game knowledge on board. This year had a sort of sophomore atmosphere- which makes sense seeing that it was the 2nd show for Too Groovy Pop Culture Toys! The show was small enough to allow for less established vendors to have a first-time chance but has grown enough from last year to hint at possibly a bigger venue next time around. Informality ruled the day with plenty of families milling about but also a lot of technical toy talk going on as well. Authors Spike Bowan and J.P. Bidula were on hand to talk grass roots publishing and some Star Trek cosplayers and Junior Members of Star Fleet were spotted on the grounds making sure all abided by the Prime Directive. It’s not clear right now if there will be another show this year or if there will be a larger show next year around this time but Munhall community needs to get behind the event which is bringing new visitors to the area. In the meantime take a look at some of the goodies I found:

Star Wars Toy Month: Han Solo

sw19 tg Han Solo from vintage American Greetings sticker sheet. Image property TooGroovyToys.com

Star Wars Toy Month: Gammorean Guard

sw16 tg Gammorean Guard from vintage American Greetings sticker sheet. Image property TooGroovyToys.com.

Star Wars Toy Month: Klaatu

sw18 tg Klaatu from vintage American Greetings sticker sheet. Image property TooGroovyToys.com.

Star Wars Toy Month: Star Destroyer Commander

sw2 tgDeath Squad Commander (under the name Star Destroyer Commander) by Kenner. Image property TooGroovyToys.com.

Star Wars Toy Month: Biggs Darklighter 30th anniversary

sw29 tg Biggs Darklighter with 30th Anniversary collector coin. Image property TooGroovyToys.com.