Yello80s Advent Countdown Day 3: He-Man and She-Ra A Christmas Special

There’s just something so 80s about He-Man and She-Ra, particularly when he says ‘What works for my sister works for me.”  AHHHH THAT’S RIGHT, THEY’RE BROTHER AND SISTER. He-Man and She-Ra Christmas Special courtesy Tokareva2009

80s animated soundtracks: I Have the Power

We’re going to do a little reminiscing about the great movie songs of the 80s. I’m not talking about Take My Breath Away (Top Gun) or Oh Yeah (Ferris Beuller’s Day Off), I’m talkin’ bout the sometimes totally sappy, sometimes completely rocking soundtrack features of the animated movies of the 80s. From cinematic features to TV specials, we’re gonna do a little rewind to some musical classics you might have forgotten starting with I Have the Power from He-man and She-Ra: The Secret of the Sword (1985). Courtesy dj4714tk

She-Ra, German style

Princess Adora
Princess Adora (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I came across the She-Ra opener in someone’s playlist on youtube and couldn’t recall how She-Ra started (wasn’t such a fan) so I clicked- and was not prepared for this! She-Ra in German is a special kind of hilarious!         She-Ra Intro HQ courtesy TheDumplingMan