Calling all My Little Pony collectors- ebay sale going on!

Looking for something to round out your G1 collection or are you a customizer? Head over to eBay under seller Aeru2 for some cool pony finds such as:

Twinkle Eyed Quackers

Sea Winkle seapony and shell holder

Baby Explorer Euro exclusive Starlight Baby pony

Posey Rose ballerina pony



My Little Pony Wednesday

MLP Sea Pony yello80s
This is SeaWinkle, a sea pony from the first year sea ponies were introduced, Year 2 of G1. She came with a brush and ribbon and her body is weighted to ‘bob’ in water. Her shell came with her and has a suction cup on the back to attach to the tub (mine’s missing). SeaWinkle is an adult pony measuring about 6″ long, baby sea ponies didn’t come out until Year 3.