Peek-A-Boo Baby Ponies

Baby Snippy

How cute is a baby pony? Like a million times cuter when they can turn their heads up and give you those adorable little baby eyes, that’s how cute!  Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies were part of the G1 line from Hasbro and featured turnable heads you could pose. Learn more about them on the updated Peek-a-Boo Baby pony page on !

First Tooth Baby Ponies update

First Tooth babies

The thing I loved about First Tooth Baby ponies as a kid (and a collector!) was all that cool stuff they came with- especially those adorable little tubes of toothpaste and toothbrushes. Learn all about them in the new update to the First Tooth Baby Pony page here on !

The Teeny Tiniest My Little Ponies

Pony Parade crayon mark

While there were several sizes of My Little Ponies released throughout the G1 line by Hasbro, the absolute smallest had a pretty big collection: The Petite Ponies. Think of these like the Micro Machines of My Little Ponies and check em out at the newly updated Petite Pony page here on Yello80s.

Pony fans rejoice- new pony pages on Yello80s!

Brush n Grow package art

Are you a fan of long, luxurious pony manes and tails billowing in the wind? Then you’re gonna love the G1 line of Brush n Grow ponies from year 6! Read all about em on the updated Brush n Grow Pony page here on !

My Little Pony Monday – Chief

It’s My Little Pony Monday!

In G1 there were two issues of Big Brother ponies, the first being in year 5 (1986 / 87) and the second in year 6 (1987 / 88). Chief appeared in the year 6 issue in the Steamer pose. He came with a firemen helmet, yellow bandanna, ribbon and comb in the shape of a blue racecar. Big Brother ponies were the only male adult ponies made during the 80s. There was also Baby Big Brother ponies (which makes them… Little Brother ponies?)  Big Brothers were styled like Clydesdale horses and slightly bigger than their female counterparts. Relatively rare, they go for some serious cash when accessories are intact.  Chief is currently for sale on eBay- act fast!

MLP Chief Big Brother Pony G1 property of bookwormnc3nft
MLP Chief Big Brother Pony G1 property of bookwormnc3nft

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