Obscure 80s cartoons: Little Muppet Monsters

I can honestly say I never saw this one but in 1985 CBS expanded on the Muppet Babies cartoon with another half hour segment called Little Muppet Monsters that combined live action puppets and animated segments. Muppets Tug, Boo and Molly are locked in a basement by Scooter and start their own TV show. CBS cancelled after 3 episodes and kept on with Muppet Babies but according to Lost Media Wiki there have been recycled animation bits of this show in Muppet Babies and other puppet segments of the show that never aired have been found online.

Lesser-Known 80s Cartoons: Barbie and the Rockers

Barbie had been in American culture for 30 years when she finally jumped onto the small screen with 1987’s 2-part special, Barbie and the Rockers: Out of this World / Barbie and the Sensations: Rockin’ Back to Earth. Tne Rockers were based on the Barbie and the Rockers dolls from Mattel and because of rights issues between Dic and Mattel, the Rockers never got their own series beyond the special. Personally, I just think Jem and the Holograms already had the corner on this one- they already had the glam girl-band, kiddie-soap genre down pat by the end of 1985. Part 1 courtesy ALan Rizkallah Part 2 courtesy BarbieBoonchitBB

Lesser-Known 80s Cartoons: This is America, Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts gang have been in our world for 59 years now but the main animated features we all remember are the charming holiday specials- A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. But good ole Chuck has a crap-ton of adventures out in the archives of TVLand and This is America, Charlie Brown was an 8-part 80s miniseries exclusive. The series aired on CBS in 1988 and included The Mayflower Voyagers, The Birth of the Constitution, The Wright Brothers at Kittyhawk, The NASA Space Station, The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad, The Great Inventors, The Smithsonian and the Presidency, The Music and Heroes of America. The NASA Space Station courtesy You’re on Youtube, Charlie Brown

Lesser-Known 80s Cartoons: Paw Paws

I have a feeling this one wouldn’t fly today (yet has aired recently on Boomerang) but the Biskett-like Paw Paw bears sure were cute and only lasted one season. They were part of the Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera from 1985-1986. Courtesy Aprl Warn

Lesser-Known 80s Cartoons: Kissyfur

Kissyfur the series started off on a sad foot with the death of the little bear’s mother and the escape of cub and dad from the circus but cheers up from there inot a series of adventure in the swamp with a whole host of southern critters. The show had 3 specials before airing for 2 seasons as a series and jumping into the merchandising world of toys and books. I particularly remember getting Kissyfur books through the Scholastic Book Fair. Not real sure why this one didn’t last but rarely gets a mention amongst 80s cartoons. Courtesy 3 Points of Articulation

Lesser-Known 80s Cartoons: Beverly Hills Teen

There’s a quick scene in the opening titles of Beverly Hills Teen that always struck me as being an animated version of Weird Science, complete with geek and manufactured girlfriend. Rich teens in Beverly Hills might not have been the best role models ever but the producers of this short-run series argued at the time kids needed less-violent cartoon characters. True, but the show still didn’t last more than one season. Courtesy AMERICAN EAGLE

Lesser-Known 80s Cartoons: Rose Petal Place

Rose Petal Place and Rose Petal Place: Real Friends were two animated movies in the early-mid 80s that accompanied a line of flower-themed dolls from Kenner. The storyline revolves around Rose Petal(voiced by Marie Osmond) and her friends who come to life and tend the garden of a little girl who has to move away. The adventures continued in books and audio cassettes but a tv series never emerged. I had one of the dolls and was fascinated by the ‘raindrop’ bead that came on each of the dolls’ flower hats. Rose Petal Place courtesy The Life of the Strange One Rose Petal Place: Real Friends courtesy Meringue in Sugartown,USA