The Snowman in full with Introduction

In 1982 a gentle picture book by Raymond Briggs about a boy’s nighttime adventure with his snowman was brought to life to become a beloved 80s animated classic: the Snowman. This wordless animation introduced a new classic Christmas tune Walking in the Air to the world. When the special aired in the UK it originally had an introduction by Briggs himself speaking about his own boyhood Christmas but in subsequent airings had alternative openers including one with David Bowie, which is the one which aired in the US. For the film’s 20th anniversary DVD release yet another, animated opener was recorded. Here is the original special with the Raymond Briggs operning as it was intended to be viewed: The Snowman courtesy xBeps

Hershey Kiss Choir and other classic ads

I often bemoan, in this digital age, the loss of commercials. We’re not lacking commercials these days- if you’ve watched Nickelodeon lately you’ve probably got the FlipZee Girls song in your head and somebody in your house can’t wait until summer to break out the Super Wubble Ball. And I can’t even claim today’s ads don’t have any heart- as per any of the recent Marks and Spencer holiday ads or John Lewis’ mini- movie commercials, it’s clear creativity in advertising is still alive and well. But I’m talking those pre-DVR days when the magic and total cheese of the 80s reigned in product-hawking right around Christmas. If you know what I’m talking about and sigh wistfully when you recall how the season didn’t start until those little Hershey Kisses played We Wish You A Merry Christmas, you’ll love the Yello80s Christmas Ad playlist on Youtube. Check it out right here- we’ve got the big national ads like Folger’s and M&Ms and the more regional store ads great for the cheese factor: