Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: Food Ads

No matter where in the world you are, Christmas is a time to eat and 80s restaurants caught in the dream of ‘big is better’ hit the pavement running with some of the most memorable and creative ads to hawk everything from fried pies to fried chicken and a few healthy things inbetween (wait, I was thinking of the 90s there, sorry). KFC Christmas Carol ad courtesy Retro Commercials Forever Kraft Foods courtesy 80sCommercialVault Coca Cola Hilltop Christmas Version courtesy Coca-Cola Art Gallery

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: 1986 Xmas ads

Now that we’ve had a DVR for a number of years I have complained to my husband I miss commercials- particularly Christmas ads. Well thank you, Youtube! 1986 Christmas Ads courtesy TheTjTube

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: Angel and the Soldier Boy

The Angel and the Soldier Boy is an animated special based on the picture book of the same name by Peter Collington. The score is by Irish group Clannad (Patriot Games, Last of the Mohicans) and you can hear Moira Brennan in vocals for the title song, A Dream in the Night. Unfortunately can only play part one in the US. Part 1 courtesy The Angel and The Soldier Boy A Dream in the Night courtesy Harmar

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: The Christmas Angel

I don’t recall this particular special entitled The Christmas Angel but it stars the Family Circus characters 80s kids would be familiar with from the Sunday comics and cartoon. The Christmas Angel courtesy ytWIKILEAKS

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: Twas the Night Before Christmas

This ‘regular’ animated special (read: non-puppet) from Rankin-Bass finds a clockmaker trying to fashion a fancy clock to prove to Santa the town still needs him after a brat mouse writes a Christmas letter telling him to buzz off,  It has some really cute songs and is another one of those specials that looks dated but still deserves more airtime than it gets. Rankin-Bass Productions: Twas the Night Before Christmas courtesy CHRISTMASjoy365

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: the Happy Prince 1944

The Happy Prince was a story written by Oscar Wilde that isn’t particularly a Christmas story nor is it especially happy, but it’s an excellent story that always made me cry as a kid with happiness when I heard the ending and I’d like to share with you, dear 80s fans. I believe the record I had of it was narrated by Burl Ives, but Bing Crosby does a great job on this recording, Bing Crosby and Orson Welles – The Happy Prince courtesy Bing Crosby, 12/24/1944

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: The Small One

This adorable tale from Disney doesn’t get the airtime it deserves but the songs always make me cry– Courtesy DisneyHolidayNet

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: He-Man and She-Ra

Even He-Man and She-Ra celebrate Christmas as evidenced by the He-Man and She-Ra Christmas special: Courtesy Tokareve2009

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: 180 Osmonds Christmas Special

It was 1980 and the Osmonds got together in Utah to give a Family Christmas Show. Let’s tune in: Courtesy DavEvans066

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: The Berenstein Bears Christmas Tree remastered

Earlier this month Yello80s featured the book based on the Berenstein Bears’ Christmas Tree. Let’s watch the special! Courtesy ILoveLogos75