Yello80s Christmas Wishlist Day 9: Lil Miss Makeup

Dear Santa,
author unknown
author unknown
How are you and the Mrs. doing? Are the Elves keeping up with production this year? Would you like the traditional milk with your cookies or something more animal friendly like coconut or almond? I know this is a tall order but hear me out: I would like a Lil Miss Makeup doll. How awesome must it be to wave a wand over your face and bam! perfectly applied makeup! You can’t imagine the time it must save her on her way to work. But I’d want her friends too.. no use looking good all by yourself, right? So I would also like a Lil Miss Dressup, Lil Miss Singing Mermaid, Lil Miss Magic Hair, Lil Miss Magic Jewels, Triple Lil Miss Makeup, Wee Lil Miss Makeup, and Lil Miss Candi Stripes. Please don’t forget that one. Love, Rose    

Advent Video Countdown day 21

Dec 21, 2013 ¬†Happy Birthday Mr. Boo!! Raymond Briggs’ The Snowman w/ original intro <iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe> courtesy xBeps

Advent Video Countdown day 17

Dec 17, 2013 Eat ‘N Park Christmas tree star advert from the classic Pittsburgh restaurant courtesy julzsie And for those who may not have seen this newer edition– courtesy Eat’n Park Restaurant

Sailor Moon goodies at Hot Topic

I was in Hot Topic the other day Christmas shopping and saw some Sailor Moon stuff- vintage logo-type tee and Sailor fuku- styled sweatshirt. There is also a collectible figure and playing card set on the store’s website but I didn’t see them instore. If you’re buying for a favourite mooning get em now- there’s a 30% off special online only and shirts were BOGO 50% off.




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