Care Bear Cousins Bright Heart Raccoon then and now set Kenner/ Just Play for sale

With all these 80s reboots coming out its tempting to write them all off to “they’ve ruined it” but in some instances new isn’t a total wash. While I love the Kenner Care Bear poseable figures I always felt they did Bright Heart Racoon a little bit of an injustice. While really cute, he looks like he’s got hip dysplasia. The 2012 reboot of the Care Bears saw Bright Heart redone with several other characters and Just Play’s blind bag series captured the spunk of that character.  I’m selling off my Kenner and Just Play Bright Hearts as a set, see full pics at the listing on ebay:  Seller aeru2  Bright Heart Kenner/ Just Play set.

Bright Heart Raccoon: “You are bidding on a set of 2 Bright Heart Raccoon collectibles from the original Kenner poseable run and the current Just Play release. You can see how much Bright Heart has changed in 35 years yet still stayed the same loveable Care Bear Cousin. Please see photos to compare belly symbols, colour and pose.  Kenner Bright Heart features a “real hair” topknot and is fully poseable. Just Play Bright Heart is a smaller figurine from the Care Bears and Cousins series 4 blind bag set and is not poseable but much more expressive. Both feature tummy symbols and the Care Bear tushie heart on their backsides.  It’s a neat little set for collectors.”

Care Bear Wednesday: True Heart Horse

True Heart Horse, the co-founder of the Kingdom of Caring and Head of the Care Bear Cousins, debuted in Care Bears II: A New Generation. He is here with True Heart Bear in a 20th anniversary set which is pretty rare now.

Ebay, author unknown
Ebay, author unknown


Care Bear Wednesday: True Heart Bear

True Heart Bear debuted in the Care Bears Movie II and was the founder of Care-a-Lot (True Heart Horse founded the Forest of Feelings for the Care Bear Cousins). Originally True Heart was a sort of tan colour with the same tummy symbol and a tuft of pinkish hair something like a small mohawk on her head (though in Adventures in Care-a-Lot this is blue). In this new version  of Care Bears and Cousins dolls she seems to have gone mostly bald and broken out the rainbow coat.

Care Bear Thursday: Brave Heart Lion

I recently purchased a vintage Brave Heart Lion from eBay and I have to say, I never was a huge fan of him as a character and most of the plush look like care bears with a mane (which is not at all how the artist rendered him- he has a very lion-like muzzle) but I got one in very nice condition and am pretty pleased with him. I recently discovered a new version of the courageous Cousin which doesn’t interest me too much but it’s available at Target now.braveheart

Care Bear Wednesday: Bright Heart Raccoon

Here’s a crazy factoid for you. Care Bears lovers:  in the cartoon series The Care Bears/ Care Bears Family, Bright Heart Raccoon, one of the Care Bear Cousins is voiced by Billie Mae Richards. What other FAMOUS role did Ms. Richards voice? You got it- Rudolph in Rankin & Bass’s Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1964) !! Mind blown!

Courtesy Care Bears