Here come the baby ponies!

Baby Moondancer

Do you remember the original baby pony lineup from the original G1 Hasbro lineup? Bet you don’t! Check em all out on the work-in-progress page and if you happen to have any backcard stories please contribute to help build this page!  Learn more at Baby Ponies! on !

My Little Pony Sunday: Baby Susie

Baby Susie is a Best Friends pony issued in the UK. Like the Pony Pals, Best Friends ponies came with a little friend but these were much smaller and realistic than the pals. Susie came with a little yellow and blue-spotted puppy called Spot.

Best Friends Ponies Baby Susie

My Little Pony Sunday РLittle Pictures 

Little Pictures, a Playschool Baby Pony is one of many UK issue ponies never released in the US. Her cutie mark is 3 crayons which I thought for the longest time were fireworks. Note the adorable pink freckles! 

My Little Pony Sunday – Pink Ember

The very first baby pony in the long line of My Little Pony toys was Ember, a mail order only offering from Hasbro. There would be 4 Embers released in total; 3 mail orders like Pink Ember here and 1 sold in store baby with a story cassette. Like her 2 mail order sisters, Pink Ember has no cutie mark.