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Atari Home Computers 1981 courtesy markydkiehl

Grow up playing Space Invaders on your 2600? Swap carts with your friends to play on ColecoVision? Spend weekends with the posse at the mall embroiled in Pac-Man tournaments? If you’ve ever wondered where video game icon Atari came from, check out the Atari page on Yello80s and read all about the company’s beginnings and review comprehensive game lists from their most iconic consoles.

The Yello80s Great Big Christmas Wishlist

As a big kid (read- adult not real into adulting), I have been collecting my favourite toys from the 80s, mainly things I didn’t get but pined after. Looking for that sort of stuff? Your local small businesses selling vintage stuff are a great place to look first as you never know what you can find and shop owners are often very knowledgable about their wares, Salvation Army and Goodwill Thrift stores (whose proceeds go to a great cause), tag and estate sales, eBay and I have recently discovered- Instagram. In case anyone wants to put a bug in Santa’s ear on behalf of Yello80s, here’s this year’s big old Wishlist (I know, I want ALL the toys- take a look, you might too!):

My Little Pony!  G1 of course!

Cabbage Patch!

Care Bears 

Everything else!

Atari history like you’ve never seen it before

Atari Force
Atari Force (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This in from Entertainment Weekly–  Atari, Inc. is going to be collaborating with Dynamite Entertainment to publish a history book on the video game giant featuring behind the scenes info, concept art and photos. And that’s not all, original graphic novels and comics featuring some of Atari’s greatest retro hits are on the horizon. And still, NOT ALL:  Dynamic is looking to reprint the Atari Force comics- yes 80s, this is 80s in the not 80s DONE RIGHT. Not rebooted, JUST RE-PRINTED in ORIGINAL GLORY.  No release date yet but will be available through regular comic book channels. For updates follow Dynamite Entertainment on Twitter / Facebook and Atari on Twitter /Facebook.



Gaming Tuesday- Atari 400

English: Atari 400 computer
English: Atari 400 computer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Atari 400 is a microcomputer that was designed with game-players firmly in mind. Using a 6502 microprocessor combined with 128-color capability and four independent sound synthesizers, gaming comes quite naturally to this budget-priced home computer.”

-Electronic Games Magazine, 1983 buyer’s guide


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Yello80s now on Tumblr!

I just recently got into Tumblr and what I mean by that is I moved from the stage of opening up 10 adorable animal pictures every day in my email covertly at work and started the official Yello80s tumblr blog. So do please check us out and comment, comment, comment!

But before you do that, check out this rad stuff I sifted through on my lunch break (no really, ON LUNCH BREAK):

olgashine on Tumblr
olgashine on Tumblr








Drew Barrymore on the ET set courtesy Laurapalmerwalkswithme on Tumblr
Drew Barrymore on the ET set courtesy Laurapalmerwalkswithme on Tumblr











80s-90s stuff on Tumblr
80s-90s stuff on Tumblr

Car from the Last Starfighter – the80s on Tumblr










Car from the Last Starfighter - the80s on Tumblr
Car from the Last Starfighter – the80s on Tumblr

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Coleco Vision games list up

Coleco Vision console games list is up- this is not meant to be a comprehensive guide but a general list of what was published for Coleco Vision in the 1980s. This page is still under construction so check back often for updates. Also check out our Atari 2600, 5200 and 7800 games lists.

ColecoVision logo
ColecoVision logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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