The Snowman in full with Introduction

In 1982 a gentle picture book by Raymond Briggs about a boy’s nighttime adventure with his snowman was brought to life to become a beloved 80s animated classic: the Snowman. This wordless animation introduced a new classic Christmas tune Walking in the Air to the world. When the special aired in the UK it originally had an introduction by Briggs himself speaking about his own boyhood Christmas but in subsequent airings had alternative openers including one with David Bowie, which is the one which aired in the US. For the film’s 20th anniversary DVD release yet another, animated opener was recorded. Here is the original special with the Raymond Briggs operning as it was intended to be viewed: The Snowman courtesy xBeps

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: John Denver Rocky Mountain Christmas

Who growing up in the 70s and 80s doesn’t have warm fuzzies when you hear the name John Denver? Here’s the Rocky Mountain Christmas Special from 1975 that aired for years after. Courtesy Donald Berube

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: B.C. A Christmas Special

This tv special from 1981 was based on the B.C. comic strips in the Sunday Paper which I barely remember- my family was more of a Family Circus/ Dennis the Menace/ Garfield household. This was obviously made from a VCR – oh the memories 😉 B.C. A Christmas special courtesy ytWIKILEAKS

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: The Christmas Angel

I don’t recall this particular special entitled The Christmas Angel but it stars the Family Circus characters 80s kids would be familiar with from the Sunday comics and cartoon. The Christmas Angel courtesy ytWIKILEAKS

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: Twas the Night Before Christmas

This ‘regular’ animated special (read: non-puppet) from Rankin-Bass finds a clockmaker trying to fashion a fancy clock to prove to Santa the town still needs him after a brat mouse writes a Christmas letter telling him to buzz off,  It has some really cute songs and is another one of those specials that looks dated but still deserves more airtime than it gets. Rankin-Bass Productions: Twas the Night Before Christmas courtesy CHRISTMASjoy365

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: The Small One

This adorable tale from Disney doesn’t get the airtime it deserves but the songs always make me cry– Courtesy DisneyHolidayNet

Yello80s Christmas Eve Marathon: The Berenstein Bears Christmas Tree remastered

Earlier this month Yello80s featured the book based on the Berenstein Bears’ Christmas Tree. Let’s watch the special! Courtesy ILoveLogos75

Advent Countdown Day 6: Flintstones Hope is Like a Christmas Tree

Hope is Like a Christmas Tree sung by Pebbles Flinstone in the Flintstones Christmas Special. Courtesy Robotnikthecat2