Sesame Street has a theme park? Where HAVE I been??

Sesame Place
Sesame Place (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I was just reading the June 2014 edition of Parents and stumbled over the Ticket to Fun article with this year’s suggestions on where to take your family for a vacation and of course the first 90% of it has to do with Disney but then I stumbled across a completely new find- Sesame Place and I live 5 hours away from it (which, considering my family lived all over EVERYWHERE I spent a good deal of childhood in planes, trains and automobiles with motion sickness, a paper bag and no freaking DVD player in the seat). It’s a Sesame-Street themed park for kids mainly 7 and under. Of course you can meet characters, go to shows, ride the rides, and there seem to be a ton of special events going on at any given time. Unfortunately, though my heart swooned at seeing anything Sesame-Street related, this ain’t the 80’s Street before after-care, before-care, sideways-care and testing Big Bird for HPV– no, this is the Sesame Street of Abby Cadabby, and I confess, every time I see her name my mind reads: Abby Crybaby or Abby Cadaver. I’m never working for Sesame Street.

English: The Count's Splash Castle at Sesame P...
English: The Count’s Splash Castle at Sesame Place in Pennsylvania. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At any rate it may be worth checking out- I mean, who would turn down to talk baked goods with the Cookie Monster? Or baked tofu and steamed vegetables..or whatever he’s into these days. Just a heads up, upcoming events are featuring Caillou and Lazytown so I may be skipping the Street after all. I mean I can take changes but that’s just inconceivable. You said it, bro.

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