Sailor Moon News for July 2014

The anime series logo, which translates to &qu...
The anime series logo, which translates to “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  Hey fellow moonies- finally we get some concrete news about the new Sailor Moon series from reputable site sailormoonnews.  The new anime will be titled Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal and is scheduled to air July 2014. This will not be a cleaned up re-air of the original series but a retelling -sort of like with Rebuild of Evangelion. Same story just explored in different ways with the characters. I for one am stupidly excited- I was confined last summer indoors after surgery so this summer is going to be doubly excellent now that I also have Sailor Moon to look forward too! Also, I don’t think these are still on sale but Arteese had these completely awesome, I can’t tell you how cool Sailor Moon t-shirts last week and I’d so love to see these in posters- the first two are a crossover between Sailor Moon and Totoro and are by artist Sigma-Astra. On her own site at Redbubble she is selling 4 also ultra cool shirts of the inner senshi which are also available as posters and at very reasonable prices- snap em up kids. Sources: SailorMoonNews RedBubble  
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