Runick’s Cube: made by man, solved by Lego

English: Rubik's Cube variants from 2×2×2 all ...
English: Rubik’s Cube variants from 2×2×2 all the way to 7×7×7. Inspired by Rubik’s cube variations. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The 3″x3″ coloured cube is considered to be the best-selling toy of all time (take that, Cabbage Patch Kids). Though it was created in 1974, the Cube became forever etched in 80s history when it launched international sales in 1980. The cube puzzle can be maddening and rightly so- there are approximately 43 Quintillion ways to scramble it- Even creator Erno Rubik, who created the cube to help explain 3-dimensional geometry, took 1 month to solve it. Now Lego has gone and made us all look like idiots. The Cubestormer 3, built by David Gilday and Mike Dobson out of Legos and a Smartphone has beat the previous Guiness-book solving record of 5.5 seconds held by Mat Valk from the Netherlands. Cubesolver’s time? 3.5 seconds. I don’t know about you but it takes me a hell of a lot longer just to take the stickers and rearrange them. Nooooooo… I never did that. Never. Cubestormer 3 trailer courtesy Robotic Solutions Pursuit of Happyness Rubik’s Cube scene courtesy culturecritical Sources: CNN Youtube
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