Rainbow Brite Toys and Collectibles

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Rainbow Brite dolls with Sprites property Siri_Mae_doll

In keeping with Rainbow Brite’s colourful world on TV, Hallmark licenced the characters to Mattel to create a line of 80s toys that recently had a reboot in Hallmark stores. The original line of yard-haired dolls in 80s-style garb included Rainbow Brite, the Colour Kids and all their Sprites in several sizes and spun out to include larger dolls and the accompanying horses. Miniatures can still be found on eBay though these are most common in the UK and rarer items such as Baby Brite’s star baby carrier and the Colour Kids dune-buggy like car fetch a good price amongst collectors. Foreign issue dolls such as Moonglow and the Dress-up version of Rainbow Brite are treasures amongst show fans. In some cases the toys didn’t quite follow the show or predated the show. For example, Tickled Pink was envisioned by Mattel with a horse named Flutter and once the show came out, the Tickled Pink/Flutter set wasn’t produced; rather the horse was renamed as Sunriser. Tickled Pink also orignally had a tulip mark on her cheek and belt which were removed for production. 

Rainbow Brite 12″

Original Hallmark doll issues 1983

Standard issue yarn-haired dolls with mini-sprites Series 1Hallmark/Mattel
Rainbow Brite 12″Lala Orange 12″ (hard to find)Patty O’Green 12″
Red Butler 12″ (hard to find)Canary Yellow 12″Buddy Blue 12″ (hard to find)
Indigo 12″(hard to find)Shy Violet 12″
Series 2 are identical but with sandal-like star shoesHallmark/Mattel
Dress -Up dollsHallmark/Mattel
Rainbow Brite 12″ Dress-up Doll (Rare, rainbow-haired)Tickled Pink 12″ Dress-up Doll (Rare)Moonglow 12″ Dress-up Doll
(Very Rare- Germany only)
Stormy 12″ Dress-up (Extremely rare- Australia only)
15″ Dolls 
Baby Brite with bottle Hallmark/Mattel
Rainbow BriteHallmark/Emotions
Red Butler Hallmark/Emotions
Canary Yellow Hallmark/Emotions
Patty O’GreenHallmark/Emotions
18″DollsHallmark/ Mattel
Rainbow Brite (also 18″ talking version)Shy VioletPatty O’Green
Animal friends dolls
Plush Starlite (Mattel)Flocked plastic Starlite (Mattel)Plush Starlite (Emotions)
Flocked plastic Sunriser (Mattel0Plush Kitty Brite (Mattel)Plush Puppy Brite (Mattel)
Murky Dismal (Mattel)Lurky 10″ (Mattel)Lurkey 14″(Emotions)
Lurky 16″ (Mattel)

Mattel Toy Prototypes/Never produced

Moonglow international releaseStormy international releaseNewborn Star baby doll
Rainbowland Dress-up fashions: Cowgirl, Party Outfit, PJs, Rain Slicker, Riding Outfit
Twink hand sprite

Sprite Dolls– Girl sprites can be told apart by the bow on their heads and larger eyes. US-issue sprites have more rounded noses than their international counterparts.

Mini Sprites that went with 12″ Colour Kids dollsHallmark/Mattel
Hammy – Hard to findIQ -Hard to find
Baby Sprites that came in plastic capsules w/diapersHallmark/MattelAll hard to find
Taco Bell mini promotionals w/squeakerHallmark/MattelHard to find
Hatful Sprites 12″with hatsHallmark/MattelAll hard to find
Twink/ sleepy capRomeo /beretSpark / feather headdress
Lucky /pirate hatChamp /sun visorHammy /snow cap
Emotions SpritesHallmark/ Emotions
SparkLucky Champ 
Dee Lite -rareMerrily-rareFlutter -hard to find
Spritzie – rarePosie-rareGlee -rare

Additional 80s merchandise

Miniature Poseable Figs (UK ): Rainbow Brite, Patty O’Green, Shy Violet, Twink, Baby Brite (all rare)Colour Pockets doll hangers (hard to find): Bed design, Flower pot design, Balloon design, Star Design, Moon designRainbow Brite doll hammock
2.5″ PVC Hallmark figures: Rainbow Brite waving, Puppy Brite, Lurky (rare), Red Butler saluting (hard to find), Red Butler cape swishing (rare), Twink, Glee, Yellow Canary hands on hips (hard to find), Buddy Blue(rare), IQ (rare), Starlite, Rainbow Brite standing (hard to find), Romeo (rare)2.5″ PVC Sclieich Land of Minikin figures (all rare): Canary Yellow, Buddy Blue, Twink, Rainbow BriteColour Cottage soft doll place / storage case with furniture. Furniture is very hard to find.
Spritecycle and visor for 12″Sprite (extremely rare)Sailmobile doll boat (rare)Colour Buggy Car (rare)
Rainbow Brite doll slumber set with Twink slippers (hard to find)Rainbow Brite Baby Brite doll carrier(hard to find)Rainbow Brite Cuddlestar carrier/backpack (hard to find)
Twinkets jewelry/hairwear: Starlite and ring (rare)
Twinkets jewelry/hairwear: Romeo and star barrette 

Twinkets jewelry/hairwear:  Rainbow brite with rainbow necklace 

Twinkets jewelry/hairwear:Twink with moon necklace/ clipon 

Twinkets jewelry/hairwear: Rainbow Brite and Champ ponytail holders 

Twinkets jewelry/hairwear:   Starlite with star barrette 
Rainbow Brite tin plate set 1983 
(hard to find complete)
Rainbow Brite china tea set for 4 
Rainbow Brite wooden doll high chair  
Rainbow Brite Play House vinyl tent 
(very rare)
Rainbow Brite talking toothbrush in Colour Castle base (rare)Twink star-shaped bangle bracelet (rare)
Starlight sitting PVC coin bank (rare)Rainbow Brite head / shoulders cake tooper 2″ (very rare)Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer comic adaptation  DC Comics (rare)
Rainbow Brite cartoon eps BETA cassettes  (very rare)Rainbow Brite Colouring books- Rainbow Brite & Baby Brite, RB+Twink sipping on a soda, RB +twink riding starliteRainbow Brite Murray Persons mini banana bike seat (rare)
Rainbow Brite  Skilcraft “Double-take” wall art (very rare)Rainbow Brite bed set (fitted sheet, sheet, bed ruffle, pillow shams, duvet, wall curtains)- several designsRainbow Brite round glass Christmas ornament, white background glass overlay (rare)
Rainbow Brite white pig-shaped coin bank (rare)DEKA Twink 5″ mug with straw, molded hair (very rare)Rainbow Brite VHS release poster 24″x36″ (rare)
Twink Colorforms Toothpaste topper (very rare)Rainbow Brite “logo” eraserRainbow Brite “rainbow” lead pencil
Rainbow Brite square handed coin purse w/starlite in heart cutout (rare)Rainbow Brite and 3 sprites in treehouse tray puzzle (rare)Rainbow Brite waving molded snap hair clip (very rare)
Me with my Rainbow Brite bath set
Rainbow Brite yellow AM/FM headset by ERTL(rare)Jigsaw puzzles- Rainbow Brite and
sprites on roller coaster,
RB + sprites on Sailmobile,
RB+ Starlite, Red Butler & Yellow Canary with apple tree (hard to find)
Cross stitch pattern RB + Twink “Color the world with love.” (rare)Rainbow Brite playing card set by Cromy (Argentina) (rare)
Rainbow Brite edition Parcheesi board (Spain) (very rare)Rainbow Brite girl’s sprite accessorie set- Comb, Belt buckles, hair ties (Argentina) (very rare)
Rainbow Brite Tray puzzle-RB+ Twink,Red Butler, Shy Violet,Patty O’Green and sunflowers in RainbowlandRainbow Brite round yellow child’s clothing hangers (Canada) (rare)
Rainbow Brite blue crossbody bag w/Rainbow Brite & starcutout, red strap (rare)Rainbow Brite handled purse with Rainbow Brite, rainbow ribbon on blue background, red handles (rare)
Rainbow Brite Lurky halloween costume, plastic mask and yellow plastic smock (very rare)Rainbow Brite 3D Viewmaster reels 
Rainbow Brite metal play kitchen set  by Rite Hite- refrigerator, oven, sink (very rare)Rainbow Brite Magnetix Magnetic Presto Magix set (rare)
Rainbow Brite 30 Valentines packRainbow Brite 4 eraser set (RB logo, Twink, RB in heart, Starlite in star
Rainbow Brite 2 pencil pack, rainbow leaded, strawberry scented