Pittsburgh in the 80s

Stores and Buildings Giant Eagle grocers start adding Pharmacies to their locations Giant Eagle expands from Pittsburgh to Ohio Isaly family retires from Isaly’s Dairy chain Photos Historical Events 1st Celebrate The Season Parade sponsored in 1981 by Kaufmann’s Dept. Store Sports Food and Fun (Native foods and restaurants that made a splash in the 80s) Klondike Bars – check out their proud history here Defunct Here and Gone Again Phar-Mor drug stores Hills Department Stores Ames G. C. Murphy, Co. Dahlkemper’s Jamesway Gimbel’s Sam Goody Murphy’s Mart Zayre Department Stores Gold Circle Towers Dept. Store Woolworth’s Civic Arena (the Igloo) Pittsburgh People (80s Celebs and notables born or raise in the ‘Burgh) Michael Keaton Fred Rogers George Benson George Romero Joe Namath Joe Montana Henry Mancini Jeff Goldblum Jimmy Stewart Mike Ditka Perry Como Rachel Carson Sharon Stone Shirley Jones Pittsburgh Stuff Uniquely Pittsburgh in the 80s Isaly’s acronym means I Shall Always Love You Sweetheart (later changed to Sweetie) Meeting under the Kaufmann’s Clock Film & TV (works made either in or about Pittsburgh) Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood (TV) Chiller Theatre (TV) Season of the Witch (AKA Jack’s WIfe AKA Hungry Wife, film) Braddock Chronicles (film) Betty’s Corner Cafe (film) The Death Penalty (TV movie) Once Upon a Classic (TV) fighting Back: the story of Rocky Bleier (TV Movie) Knight-Riders (film) Creepshow (film) Two Weeks in Winter (film) Midnight (film) Flashdance (film) All the Right Moves (film) Voices from a Steel Town (film) Maria’s Lovers (film) Mrs. Soffel (film) The Boy Who Loved Trolls (PBS Wonderworks, film) Day of the Dead (film) Rappin (film) He’s the Mayor (TV) Flight of the Spruce Goose (live-action, film) Silent Witness (TV movie) Gung-Ho (film) The Majorettes (film) HeartStopper (AKA Dark Craving, film) An Unremarkable Life (film) Equal Justice (TV) Stuck with Each Other (TV movie) Homeless (AKA No Place Like Home, TV movie) Two Evil Eyes (film) Silence of the Lambs (film) Night of the Living Dead (remake, film) Mr. Belvedere (TV) Lady Beware (film) The Kid Brother (AKA Kenny, film) Used Cars (film) Robocop (film) Makin’ Choices (film) Drive-In Madness! (film) Dominick & Eugene (film) Tiger Warsaw (film) Monkey Shine (film) Commander Hill (AKA Alone in the Neon Jungle, TV movie) Prince of Pennsylvania (film) Flesh Eater (film) Lightning over Braddock: a Rust Bowl Fantasy (film) Bloodsucking Pharoahs in Pittsburgh (AKA Picking Up the Pieces, film) Street Law (AKA Simple Justice, film) Music Rusted Root The Lettermen Sources: Pittsburgh Film History – John Tilch BrianButko.com VisitPittsburgh

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