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Big Bang Theory ep 6×22 courtesy OnlyBigTheory I was watching a recent episode of the Big Bang Theory in which Bob Newhart reprised a role from Season 6 as Sheldon’s idol  and had a serious 80s flashback. You might also remember him more recently in ELF with Will Farel sitting on his lap. I remember watching reruns of the Bob Newhart Show from the 70s where he played a deadpanning psychologist as well as the myriad other shows he guest-starred on from that decade like the Dean Martin Show, The Tonight Show, and the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. Then came the 80s gig I remember probably watching every episode of- Newhart. In Newhart, Newhart plays a cantankerous innkeeper in New England with an interesting cast of characters only an inn in New England could amass. There were a lot of 80s stars on this one that either showed up every week or dropped in for a cameo- Tom Poston, Julia Duffy, Peter Scolari, Joanna Loudon. The humour was witty and laid back like Newhart himself and the opening was one of those instrumental types that let you know this was a grown-folks show without all the stuff your parents wouldn’t let you watch on Dallas. We need more shows like that- while I love the Big Bang theory for making geeks sexy and otherwise-losers cool, I miss shows like Newhart where the starring characters went on their business being themselves without further thought of trying to impress or keep up with anyone on the show or outside of it. Ok, maybe not Peter Scolari’s character but you’ve got to have one in every bunch. Newhart courtesy newhartepisodes
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