Just in time for Christmas- the Jolly VoxBox!

voxbox-blogimage-popup2 So I had been away at a family member’s house all day and the drive back was really bumming me out (2 hours of dreaming of a bathroom and then rush hour and a detour when I THOUGHT relief was in sight… 🙁  ). I get back and there’a a little pink box of goodies waiting for me – the Jolly Voxbox! So let’s see what I got here—– 1. A Box of SkinnyCow Divine Filled Chocolates in peanut butter creme. Somehow they must have snuck some kind of camera in my life because I’m a peanut butter/chocolate freak. My British husband just doesn’t understand my utter devotion to peanut butter but seriously, of the 5 Divine flavours (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, peanut butter creme and milk chocolate flavour), this was the one!  The box includes 6 pouches with 3 candies each at 130 calories and 7 grams fat per pouch. And the taste?  Creamy and chocolately- I’m a chocolate snob so I was surprised at 130 calories for 3 pieces there was no chalky taste. Check out my guilt-free treat Pinboard @TheSkinnyCow #IndulgeWithSkinny skinny cow candy 2. Pocket pack of Puffs + Lotion. Just in time for sniffle season. I work in a bank call center and since we’re all about 3 inches away from each other, when Sneezy at the end of the row starts sniffling, we all break out the tissues and vitamin C.  Last week was my turn to start off the just-before-Christmas misery and I can tell you it wasn’t pretty. Puff + Lotion is gentle enough to keep my nose from looking like I’ve been snorting coke all day. Which would really anger my employer if that was the case.  It’s not the case! @Puffs #PassthePuffs 3. Item #3 is an eyeshadow trio from NYC in HD Color 781 Long Beach Sands. Besides my always applying eyeshadow too heavy on the left side, this was a good combination of shades and I appreciate the instructions on the pallete directing which shade goes inside, outside and on the crease. Listen, people like myself who rarely wear makeup need this type of technical help. The shades are very neutral but not so much to look like the ‘not there’ makeup look. Because seriously, if I’m going to clog up my pores with something I want people to see it’s there. @NYCNewYorkColor #HDColorTrio 4. Rimmel Show-Off Lip Lacquer “Celestial”. While this wasn’t the best shade of lip product for me, I’ll admit I’m a little pale and I keep changing my hair colour so I’m not sure there is a perfect shade. It is a nice neutral shade though, a little colour but not too much, not too flashy. The product itself isn’t too heavy and I don’t get that ‘gummy’ feeling after wearing it a couple of hours. It ‘stains’ the lips enough that if you (like me) forget you’re wearing something and swipe your hand across your mouth, you can’t totally lose your makeup. Not too keen on the shape of the tube- looks like a cheap plastic toy so might want to keep working on that. @RimmelLondonUS #ShowOffLipLacquer 5. Duck Tape Duckling roll – I haven’t caught onto that thin decorated duck tape craze that resembles Japanese washi tape. While I love all things Japanese and these little tapes look adorable in the stores, I can A. never figure out anything to put them on and B. what the heck would they hold up as actual adhesives? Yeah I thought not. But I got this little mini duck tape roll in the Jollyvoxbox that ended up coming in handy – I bought my husband a tool -thing-table from a local hardware and had it shipped to the store to pickup. Long story short my husband ended up hauling his own present wrapped in 2 huge boxes in to the house and will have to – soon- put it together as well.Just before he got his hands on the goods I ripped off all the labels on the boxes so he wouldn’t see ahead of time what it was. Then I thought twice about that because he was going to have to get through a lot of packaging to get to the actual gift. So I made a little drawing of the finished product and put it in an envelope and stuck it to the outside of the 1st box- which promptly fell off with the scotch tape. Taped it again..lasted about 10 more seconds. Then I found the duct tape and made what I think looks like a little flower- did the job and looks — you know– festive. @TheDuckBrand #MiniDucklings tape “I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.”
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